This seems topical and a favorite controversy of mine.

Are virii living things?

My opinion is that virii are just as alive as you or I. I believe that any reproducing pattern can be reasonably classed as "life", but virii and prions are extremely basic life-forms that exist only as parasites.

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@zardoz social media posts are alive

... my phone keyboard apparently has some... interesting ideas

@gdkar yes memes(in the original sense, self-reproducing ideas that spread from person to person) are an example of extremely basic and abstract forms of life.

@zardoz 🎶 the memes were alive... with the sound of... muuuusic 🎶

@Aleums @gdkar I would say that sanctity is a human concept and so what it applies to is dependent on individual humans.

Most humans don't place any sanctity on most things that are commonly considered living(bugs, fungi, single-celled organisms, etc)

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