I wonder what happens to all the hardware decommissioned by Google and Amazon and the like. They all run really custom systems, sometimes with semi-custom CPUs. That's a lot of still-useful hardware, but it almost certainly just ends up in the dump 😟

@Zuph I'm 99% certain they pay e-waste warehouses to store them, and the e-waste warehouses in turn try to sell them off until they're finally sent to a dump. I recall a Level1Techs video where they went to some warehouse and found a bunch of google servers for very cheap.

@zardoz huh, I seem to recall some article about Google using custom encryption hardware! Maybe they just part out cpu and memory, and shred the rest?

That would explain why you can find pretty cheap OEM only Xeons, but no motherboards to go with them


@Zuph yeah, maybe. They might also just have one blade per rack that does all the proprietary stuff, and don't sell them. Makes more sense to have as few requirements for custom parts as possible, to keep prices low.

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