it is my considered opinion that most websites should look like professors' personal websits that were obviously made by hand in HTML and haven't been updated since 1995

@lyliawisteria lynx is one of the most useful web tools out there tbh.

lynx -dump -listonly -nonumbers is a very frequent command of mine

@lyliawisteria wget can do a similar thing too I think but lynx is nicer

@zardoz i wouldn't question the utility of lynx. there's lots of things it's useful for. but it's not terribly useful for a lot of today's web pages.

@lyliawisteria yeah I would never use it as a daily web browser

@zardoz Thumbing my dog-eared copy of "Building websites for Netscape Navigator 3" and nodding in agreement

@zardoz I keep telling the rest of my research group that this is the aesthetic we need to go for, but they're not convinced. Yet.

@bstacey how can anybody respect information that is presented with more than the bare minimum of frills?

@zardoz Yes, please. I'm never quite as happy looking for some info as when I find it on some web page. 👌

@zardoz I support this! Let’s make our homepages UNresponsive

@zardoz That system dropped offline for about 4 months after it changed buildings (and firewalls) then we got a ticket to bring it back online ASAP, that's the only reason we really noticed it.

@zardoz you can tell the best ones because they use those named X11 colours, all like
<BODY TEXT=darkslategray LINK=midnightblue ALINK=maroon VLINK=indigo BGCOLOR=azure>

@zardoz I have one of those!

It does have a contact form for receiving spam, but otherwise fits.

@zardoz Consider using XHTML and MathML, instead of HTML 3.x though.
CSS 3 isn't bad as well. But I guess that's the whole point, to leave the default styles…

@zardoz totally right. I often think I need to get good at actively cultivating this aesthetic.

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