the more I learn about ancient Rome, the more I learn:

-the only things they were good at was conquest, slavery, and imperial management
-all the good parts of Roman culture were stolen from other cultures
-America and ancient Rome are like, spookily similar


@Pyretta well it does! Comparing how different empires functioned, or even changed over time, is very interesting.

For instance the Roman empire was very different from the various Chinese empires.

@zardoz yeah, but the underlying dynamics of power are really bloody similar. Did you know the ancient Romans and the Han dynasty Empire were in touch with each other and had a healthy respect for each other as "bastions of civilisation"?

@Pyretta yes, in fact there is an isolated part of central Asia where apparently some legionnaires got lost and settled down and now everyone there has faintly Roman characteristics

@Pyretta @zardoz there's no evidence that folk history is true, notably no unusual genetic connection was found between the inhabitants of the particular village said to be where the legionnaires settled and Italians or other European peoples. They're just Turkic, so they share a lot of features with other people groups in and around Europe.

Still a cool story, though

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