it's funny that Latin is so strongly associated with religion and mysticism and high-mindedness, you could literally say something that translates to "I ate a big doo and it tasted like salmon" or something and if you did it in the right tone of voice people would think you were reciting an ancient spell or something

chanting "edidi puppis magna et sapiit similiter salmonem" to summon a demon.

also for some reason poop is a feminine noun that's so weird

@zardoz time to memorize some of the roman graffiti samples in the original latin so we can recite them like proverbs at opportune moments.

@Pyretta yeah they even *have* a neuter case which means it has no gender but random words are gendered it's really weird

@Pyretta oh apparently it's the same word for "poop deck"/stern of a ship

I suspect that the dictionary I'm using doesn't have any 'dirty' words. A lot of Latin-English translating resources seem to do that. For instance I remember from latin class the book said 'flocci non facio' means 'I don't give a hoot' but our teacher said it means 'I don't give a fuck'

@Pyretta ok so 'stercus' translates to "filth/manure" which is possibly closer to what I wanted. And it is neuter.


you can put "- Nietzsche" after almost any German sentence and people who don't speak German will think it's profound.

"Enten sind Idioten ... überdenk es nicht! Sie wissen es bestimmt nicht." - Nietzsche

@zardoz 3 years of study, figured this was the most important thing to remember

@zardoz and this is why all good latin students should memorize catullus 16

you know, for opportunistic occasions that might call for it

@wigglytuffitout yeah or that one Ovid(?) poem that's just him roasting some guy

@zardoz for sure

i just love the strong opening statement of catullus 16. like if you translate it using modern slang? that's a youtube comment right there

@zardoz "Quantum nobis prodest hæc fabula Christi" is one of my favorite #Latin phrases. It sounds very religious on the surface, but translating it gives possible blasphemous connotations (sorry Thorn). And yet there's a mystical value to it as well.

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