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shitty free verse 

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your mind is fuzzy after the peak. What was that? You feel like you know and don't know. Like something was revealed that you cannot comprehend. The feeling is peaceful. The static is gone, the hum is gone, the world is back. You hear a bird chirping. You breathe and it feels like your first breath, you remember that you're *alive*.

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Drowning in the static of an accelerated world, you start to hear a low hum, and as you focus on the hum more the static starts to fall away, leaving the hum. The more you focus on the hum the more it seems to envelop you. Soon all of existence, time, even your own self, seems to fade away into irrelevance. The hum is no longer a sound, it is your entire sensory experience. Sight, sound, touch, all of them are the hum. At last, when the last vestiges of the world before are gone, the hum reaches a credcendo

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Humans and creachurs gather round for tonite's main event: Snouts VS Landlords!

cor blimey, that's an application of the Chebychev Theorem innit?

I like it when people do PDA it gives me the warm fuzzies

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silly compression idea: find the nearest prime number p to your data x. Store the unique n such that p = \pi(n) and store p - x.

thinking about information-theoretic entropy

rich Californians: "hah California is so much better than the rest of the country"

California: <life is still fucking shitty for most people>

sometimes I think about how important it is to preserve scientific and historical knowledge through a mass extinction event

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like holy shit I'm gonna start getting invited to weddings soon. I'll have to wear formal clothes. That will feel so WEIRD

some friendsamine who are my age got engaged and I'm still processing that that is a thing people do at my age

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me: "oh boy I get to learn algebraic geometry"

prof: "ok here's a bunch of tedious polynomials to solve, this is your entire homework"

me: -_-

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