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jenkins is terrifying ok

I think I often trample very hard on people's feelings in casual conversation
can't believe no one called me out on this yet, and I'm even asking explicitly to be called out when it happens
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aaaand someone messed up one of the git repos apparently replaying all the commits. result: all my gpg signatures are gone, who knows if the history was tampered with or not.

not having a ci doesn't help
delivery governance causing a structure where we've not been empowered to build safety nets and the necessary stuff to scale delivery didn't help either

also some of the stuff I'm seeing at work is just terrible
broken tests pushed on master like if it was ok
leave office (different timezone), leave us to clean up the mess

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I'm at the point in which $dayjob is completely sucking away my life *again*

being an immortal all-powerful shellcaster has its downsides: I can take this shit for like, forever, and still get back on my feet in no time. I never get to the point in which I feel this really needs to stop and that's not good
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For anyone who’s been on the Internet long enough, the problem with #Article13 is pretty clear. It’s YouTube Content ID but for the entire Internet. theverge.com/2018/6/19/1748034

aw accommodation in tokyo is way more expensive than I remembered =/

I suspect libreoffice just froze on me.
damn if it didn't save I'll mad a lot

me: "I'm so done suffering with libreoffice for the sake of the brand template that no one uses anyway, I'll go for gslides this time"
event organizer: "hey speakers, please find this pptx template attached. you *must* use it."
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it's *that* time of the year again
I'm getting better at not splashing a terrible red mess all around me though
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【オリジナル・ボーカル】 our song 【FELT】【Subbed】youtu.be/xaGxj_S4Ydc

just saw a youtube ad for a thing called smartdns. they advertise no encryption as a good thing™ that you should buy.
I'm kinda mad.

after 15 years of refusing to watch horror movies I went see one and it was actually nice

my insomnia is getting so much worse
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> walks in office wearing an anime shirt
designer colleague: "oooh, love the color palette on your shirt and kinda matches the branding! can I take a photo and use it to prepare the palette for our ui??"
me: "youwat .___. ?? err, sure I guess?"

@yuki_the_maven 2018: 32400 packages is a normal and perfectly fine amount of third-party modules for a web project