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Yuki the Maven @yuki_the_maven@cybre.space

ohwait, my laptop has a 500gb ssd
I totally forgot, thought was 256
that explains a lot

I had a vision
suddenly, I'm enlightened
data science, pet projects, rust, machine learning, kotlin, cv, react
I can link the dots
I can pull them all together
this can actually work
*berserk intensifies*
(pic: new game!!)

screw this ssd thing they're either kingston or too pricey, I'm just gonna keep vagrant boxes on a separate workspace mounted on my spare hdd
(pic: denki-gai no honya san)

anyone can recommend what's a good brand for internal drives nowadays?

ooohhh I managed to remove my 34c3 wristband without breaking it! that dodgy plastic bag trick I found on surveillancetube really works after all…
will be able to get my tattoo done without cutting it!!
(pic: denki-gai no honya san)

Oh damn! Another Linux (non-Android) based mobile OS!

Alpine Linux based. Some folks are already getting it to work on the RPi!



me: "I'll install securedrop on aws!"
install guide: "well, listen, nope."
me: "aw that makes sense"
(pic: denki-gai no honya san)

weird effects of not doing social media from phone and only from home pc over tor: my whole day gets replayed in a compressed way in what in toots looks like a 10-minute emotional rollercoaster

$company has been signed up for an evaluation of a appsec-training platform and as part of the pilot I'm supposed to do do some levels every day but…
I kinda p0wn'd the leaderboard yesterday so it's fine to slack today l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l
(pic: denki-gai no honya san)

hmmmm I'm being again
I'm always confused on whether I should for greater searchability or shouldn't because it feels like attention whoring?
also hashtagging prog languages tends to be more on the side on flame rather than not

took a look at and at a first glance I'm not very convinced about is pipeline modeling capabilities
I hope I'm wrong because I'll likely have to
(pic: denki-gai no honya san)

the more we discover about $proj the more I can see that it's all a x-team comms&backlog management problem and not a tech one at all
and I understand that my value here is to acknowledge and surface this and not doing any tech
and not dealing with organizational politics is what I explicitly asked to hr
and I hate all of this and feel shit of placing myself in this stance of promoting admin vs tech but tech would suck if we don't sort it out
what kind of shit tech lead am I ffs
(pic: darling in the franxx)

I just started watching altered carbon and it's so deliciously cybre <3

uhhhh I don't seem to be able to get my enthusiasm for tech back
I'm trying random stuff and bet gored right away and at work I'm completely useless, can't really get into what's going on
(pic: denki-gai no honya san)

now a very stupid thing to do would be starting to catch up on mr robot season 3
so that's exactly what I'm doing

went through all of "denki-gai no honya san"
12 episodes, 119 reaction screenshots taken
and got to learn some react-native in the meantime too

I've not been listening to faow for a while, this is one of my favorite songs: [Further Ahead of Warp] detritus youtu.be/mbto_hFH68U