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Eye contact, Cyberpunk, PG-13 

(Reposting from old account)

My cyberpunk novel's commission is FINISHED!

Congrats to Matt Zeilinger for the hard work.

Ladies and gentlemen, the cover for "Pandora Downloaded"!

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(reposted from old profile)

Gen-Xer born in ; since kid I was a and liked and , so it was logical I'd eventually discover the genre (, , , , , ...)

Aside from that I've done and ; have gnu/#Linux on my PC and recently I discovered .

Currently a scifi novel about and .

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oh, my latest piece of kitn research is done! we have all decided that snugls are the best, followed by skritchies, followed by pets, followed by pats.

i think these results make sense. thank mew for voting and helping me!

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"The racist white person . . . doesn't understand that [they are] also a race. It's also constructed, it's also made, and it also has some kind of serviceability. . . . But when you take it away, I take your race away and there you are, all strung out and all you've got is your little self. And what is that? What are you without #racism? Are you feeling good? Are you still strong? Still smart? Do you still like yourself? . . .

"If you can only be tall because somebody's on their knees, then you have a serious problem. And my feeling is, white people have a very, very serious problem. And THEY should start thinking about what THEY can do about it. Take me out of it."

- #ToniMorrison on whiteness

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workaholism, self esteem 


Damn, why did the word "gundam" appear there? lol 😂

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workaholism, self esteem 

Today, against my job advice, I worked solving a bug.

It was a bug that kept bothering me because it impacted a development I'm working on this sprint. So I started reading documentation, deploying, doing tests, documenting, etc.

And finally, at 1:15 AM, the fixed version was deployed on staging and predeploy.

It passed all the tests with flying colors. Furthermore, I added Gundam readable debug lines which make it even more awesome.

Now that I finished, I played a synthwave video to just chill, alone, with nobody bothering me.

Tomorrow I'll wake up tired AF, but it's absolutely worth it. I hadn't listened to this music in months.

I love it.


Fuck yeah! I needed this so much. 😌

Copaganda ridiculousness 

I just watched the most ridiculous episode of Hawaii 5-0.

In this show:

* One of the cops received multiple bullet wounds
* One bullet destroyed his liver
* The plane ran out of fuel
* The other cop, with ZERO flight experience managed to land the plane in an emergency landing ON THE BEACH instead of water, endangering god knows how many civilians
* And landed with at most a couple of broken ribs. He WALKED OUT.
* The other cop miraculously survived with a partial liver transplant
* The cop who did the emergency landing beat a tied prisoner (This. Is. Torture) to extract info from him - and they're the good guys.

What the hell did I just watch? 🧐

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Dear fedi!

What is the best guide/primer to #FOSS for a highly intelligent, non-technical audience? (e.g. someone who wants to deeply understand value, why to engage)

Asking for a friend.

CW: Implied violence 

A cure for fascism, described by Alfred Hitchcock

LGBT phobia on Twitter, rant 

OMG all fascist twitter is dumping shit on LIGHTYEAR because there's a 2-second lesbian kiss scene.

Most of the critics in Spanish are using this term "gender ideology". This is clearly an invention of Spain's far right party, Vox. Created in 2018.

Just how much money are those bastards pouring on social media trolls?

I'm tired of having to deal with them 😩

ace joke 

Everyone else: If you're asexual, why do you make sex jokes?

Ace: Because sex is a joke to me. 😉

(Stolen from r/lgballt)

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Mutual Aid Req: meds & food needs. Boosts welcome! 💕 


If someone would be so kind to help me get meds for ADHD; depression; Multiple Sclerosis symptoms; physiotherapy + some food that'd be super helpful! :blobnervous2:

I need 250€: 165 for meds, 30 for physio & 55 for groceries.

Any amount helps & so do boosts. They're v. welcome & appreciated! :blobcatthx:



Tysm for helping me survive, fedi! :blobcatflower:


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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

Probably should’ve done that.

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Need financial help, urgent, please boost 

Hey everyone

I'm so sorry for asking for financial help so soon after I needed help getting my rent through, but I'm running out of food and I noticed I have way less money left than I thought I did, like I'm basically broke right now after paying rent and I don't get paid before 10-12 days

Can you donate so you can help making sure my boyfriend and I can afford to eat during that time period?

Any amount would help, but if you can't, boosting would already go a long way. Thank you so much ❤️

"As a demon I have all the time, but as a lawyer I charge by the hour." 😈

- Abigail Thorn

Philosophy tube just came up with a new video: The social contract. Enjoy.

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Ye olde days of the internet 

Anyway, the first thing I remembered searching on the WWW (via Lycos or Altavista; Hotbot came a while later) was Lord of the Rings art. So while I was reading fanpages and waiting for the art to download, the guy on the other side of the hall was browsing playboy. You'd know, because the window was super thin and he'd scroll little by little, using his brainpower to reconstruct the fullsize image. 🤭

It was around that time that Trumpet Winsock appeared and I could use it to connect to an Internet Service Provider via dialup.

Trumpet Winsock would connect, and voilá. I could now use Netscape Navigator™ to connect to websites.

You'll understand how primitive things were back then if you went to the movies and watched The Net with Sandra Bullock.

Ordering pizza via internet was A LITERAL JOKE. People barely had computers, and you expected Dominos to have their store plugged to the Internet? 🤣

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Ye olde days of the internet 

Currently watching a youtube show on technology and the internet, and I just remembered the really old days.

To search things on the internet, we didn't use Google. Google didn't exist back then - heck, the WWW was in diapers. Back then we used Gopher and our search engines were Archie (for files) and Veronica (for documents).

For the skeptics, V.E.R.O.N.I.C.A. stood for:

Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Net-wide Index to Computer Archives.

I was too young to understand, I only stood there while I watched the cool guys use it. I was like 16yo.

2 years later, we finally had NSCA Mosaic™ installed on the HP-UX machines at college.
(Back when Ethernet wasn't common and we connected to a single hub via coaxial cables. Those things had a 75-ohm terminator. If you accidentally unplugged it, every connection would break. 🤦)


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I still can't get over how it was Mike Pence - the one who the left constantly considered "the real threat" - who saved the USA on Jan 6, 2020.

<< The committee played a video of testimony from top military official General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who testified that he had “two to three calls” with Pence.

“He was very animated, very direct, very firm… get the military there, get the guard down here, put down this situation,” he said. >>

Weight loss, science 

Interesting scientific article about weight loss and training regimes: If you do weight training and rest 20 minutes before cardio, you'll burn twice as much fat as if you didn't do weight training.

The results were not nearly as good if you rested more (e.g. 2 hours).

I checked the ACSM on google, it looks legit.

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