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The Steam Summer Sale is live, check out my game update (demo available) if you can!

Last one. I could play with this all day but I gotta go back to work~

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This is great. I can make all my dreams come true.

Basically what it boils down to is replacing every instance of 'if mouse 1 is pressed' with 'what if fire is pressed' which cannot apply to say, the rest of the UI system going through the same code. Aside from that it's basically done for now.

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In Nuclide you can now render any UI class into the world. Some deliberate design decisions paid off in the end. Now it needs to work well with OpenXR and controllers.

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I talked to Patrick at about DNF and why people are still interested.


I talked with game critics, former developers, fan site managers, former cover story writers, and more to answer a very simple question: why, in 2022, do people still care so much about Duke?


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Drivers for this landed in the Linux 5.18 yesterday.

Are we going to just ignore this?

Coffee time. Today work proceeds on more player movement code improvements in Nuclide. What are you working on today Fedi?

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"Why are they using Makefiles?" is the new "why are they using cvs?"
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For the first time in my life, I'm hosting my own mail-server. Gulp.

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Please don't email individual Valve employees to yell at them. Most are completely powerless to do anything about whatever you're mad about. It's just a really shitty thing to do.

Instructions/files for that and INFO on how to get the build running under Wine is found here:

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I've hacked around and managed to get a master-server for DNF 2001 up and running!

All the important bits happen server-side so no binary patching should be necessary unless you don't want to mess with your hosts file.

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