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ESA relased an image of the black hole at the center of our galaxy! Wow.

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Going to reply to every stupid discourse about superhero movies with this video from Ethan Hawke


Didn't get to work much more on this yesterday, but I'm parsing my Steam library properly now. Just writing a front-end for fun. Oddly enough the NSTableView only shows the first icon. πŸ€” Time to debug later.

The Steam Browser Protocol is quite extensive:

However, I can't seem to find a way for me to open up a settings panel for a given app-id. Maybe @vox knows?

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Today I implemented the most important entity in all of Half-Life and Source into Nuclide SDK.: env_bubbles

πŸ‘ Give it up for env_bubbles πŸ‘

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Someone handed us every AOL CD. That is, every variation of every America On-Line CD-ROM. Over 5,000 variations.

My hands are full of plates already but if somebody has any guidance on how to essentially teach a programming language to non-programmers... or any reference material... I'm listening

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Alrighty, now links to QuakeWiki and InsideQC. All good.
However as someone in the Nuclide Matrix brought up, there needs to be a modern 'QuakeC for Dummies' type introduction.

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Unix shell framewar story, with some #retrocomputing history on BSD & GNU 

In 2016, GNU /bin/ls decided to escape filenames by default if output is a tty, and ignited a flamewar among some users. Most complainers were apparently not fully aware of the Unix history - it's more of a mess than they thought.

"Device-dependent output is bad. When paged or piped, a sudden format change creates confusions."

True. There's even a project rule for this. But /bin/ls has been doing it for 40 years, so it's not bounded by it (for purists, coreutils has /bin/dir).

"Since when?! I don't see any format change."

If output is a tty, it's multi-columned. When piped, it's single-columned.

I always thought it's a BSDism but don't know much details (back then, Bell Labs was conservative and BSD was either "user-friendly" or "bloat", later it was BSD vs. GNU, and today GNU vs. everything newer).

Today I decided to check the source. This feature was added, by nobody else but Bill Joy, in BSD 1.0, 1977.

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Just new here. Hello world!

Like all good things in the internet... this account should start with a picture. He is Moka.

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being here is really reminding me of the mIRC days. moving between all the channels and servers but always coming back to your true and cosy channel in the end.

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I signed up to @Mastodon before but never used it, too much friction and hard to leave Twitter.

Things change. Should the 'de facto digital town square' be owned by the highest bidder?

I'm looking forward to learning more about this space.

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This means that its highly likely that when the Microsoft acquisition of Activision goes through that we'll see more id Tech games come to Steam (and in some cases, RETURN to Steam.)

Which, frankly, will be a beautiful sight to see. :)

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