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Duke Nukem Forever.

RIP Duke Nukem.
19XX - 20XX

died in a horrific gum-chewing accident

cool, my video game works on Steam Deck out of the box

Obligatory FreeTFC screenshots because code is hard to visualize

Generated this pic the other day, it hits very hard

running wmquake on WindowMaker playing the Team Fortress intro on demo on loop is a good idea, all the time

Hostility (?) 

Something not starting off quite right, what's going on here? 😬

Last one. I could play with this all day but I gotta go back to work~

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This is great. I can make all my dreams come true.

In Nuclide you can now render any UI class into the world. Some deliberate design decisions paid off in the end. Now it needs to work well with OpenXR and controllers.

I've hacked around and managed to get a master-server for DNF 2001 up and running!

All the important bits happen server-side so no binary patching should be necessary unless you don't want to mess with your hosts file.

Didn't get to work much more on this yesterday, but I'm parsing my Steam library properly now. Just writing a front-end for fun. Oddly enough the NSTableView only shows the first icon. πŸ€” Time to debug later.

Today I implemented the most important entity in all of Half-Life and Source into Nuclide SDK.: env_bubbles

πŸ‘ Give it up for env_bubbles πŸ‘

still can't get over this shell that was originally designed for the 3DO M2 (in 1996!)

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