so many fucking engineers are telling me "oh so a 90 degree angle isn't possible, a 90.199 degree tip is fine" or like "just make it 12.02". first of all, get a real job. second, mlb regulations don't ask for About 12. they ask for 12. they require an impossible shape to be on the field for legal play, meaning there's never been a legal game of major league baseball


just told a guy on tumblr that the E in STEM stood for English Literature and he blocked me

@yiffpolice ok but like

at work we insist on saying STEAM, the A is for Arts

@yiffpolice gotta censor that letter out so you don't accidentally spell ICE

@CheeseMonster @yiffpolice

what are YOUR teens texting about???
Abolish ICE: Abolish In-Class rn (English Lit, ugh :/)

Psh, everyone knows STEM is:
Tensor flowcharts
English litterature
More math

@yiffpolice I mean like something had to go and who gives a shit about trains

@yiffpolice no but actually you did accomplish something worthwhile and good for the world unlike what this gif would suggest

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