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you can, and should, buy my new album The Smynths Return. as far as i know, my Smiths cover band is the only one whose goal is to psychically destroy Morrissey

me: so the thing about the infield fly rule-
beautiful, caring gf: mhm
me 5 minutes later: -and the batting out of order rule doesn't come up a lot but there's actually a strategic advantage for not telling the umps ur opponent batted out of order
wonderful, patient gf: damn that's crazy

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my gf does that classic gf thing where she pretends to care when i talk to her about baseball bc she knows how important it is to me :)

night vale ep 157 weather spoilers 

baseball is a girl and football is a boy. do not @ me

there's straight up nothing more satisfying than listening to something on a Mindisc. NOTHING

"i hope this e-mail finds you well"
i hope i can explode you with my mind

also!! my self-titled album on tape is 33 and 1/3 percent off! 4 dollars gets u a cool ass tape!!! TODAY ONLY

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once again it's Bandcamp Friday. to celebrate i have my 1st ever Nicky Flowers shirts!
one has a cool cyber lady and one is a meme that you can put on your torso. both have my name on them which i think is neat. they're gonna go fast so pick one up today!

i watch the presidential debates for the commercials

this sounds like the worst shitpost but i am serious when i say:
-i have insider industry knowledge about Borat 2, which was in secret production during quarantine, and might be coming out soon
-i have more information but i am Literally Not Allowed to discuss it publicly
-this is very weird and i am dying to talk about but don't want to get my friend/insider source in trouble

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