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tried to learn about time signatures other than 4/4 but i'm not sapiosexual so it didn't work

i simply can't get into hockey. those jerseys look too much like the hand-me-down t-shirts i got as a kid from my father that i wore as a big nightgown every night. i cannot respect those players lookin like that

‪like many musicians, one of my biggest influences is the velvet underground. once i heard them, my whole music career became a quest to not sound like utter dogshit like they did‬

oops actually Girl Afraid is gonna be the upcoming Smynths b-side 😜

i like doing this The Smynths project bc i like stealing songs from M*rrissey and making them better with synthesizers, which he despised

Reel Around the Fountain as the a-side and maybe Half a Person as the b-side??

September 9, 2011 was both the day i saw They Might Be Giants for the first time but also when i bought the 3DS Star Fox 64 remake for 3DS, before the show in western massachusetts. needless to say, that was the peak of my life so far

just ate 4 pieces of toast, with butter and italian herbs on each. That's Fuckin Supper, Babes

listen: the cubs aren't great but the NL central is also not great so they still have a chance. baseball is weird

i've had since friday to edit my podcast for wednesday and i haven't started yet whyyyy do i do this to myself

i'd like to thank all 466 of my followers for giving me 466 likes and retoots for every single toot. so solid

been watching so many super mario 1 and 2 (lost levels) speedruns lately and i desperately want to do some runs myself... but i'm Ashamed for being a ""gamer""

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