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personally im just a big kitty. but that's just me

made an enormous beautiful casserole to fuel my gaming

pending verification, i have the 2nd best Garfield for Atari 2600 score for emulated runs with 10,976,390,609,550 points. it beats the current #2 score of 2,354,200 by uhhhhhh a lot. i will keep practicing to be the champion. thank u for following me on this journey

it's hard to pinpoint my favorite thing about Garfield for Atari 2600 but one of them is how when u get a game over the title screen starts glitching out

i got the 2nd highest score on twin galaxies!! idk the exact score yet but it's lookin good

tonight.... at approx. 7pm central standard time... i will be attempting to break the world record in Garfield (Prototype, Atari 2600, 1983). the current record is 9,657,986,862,619,000 points (i'm not kidding). follow me at

you know what they call fortnite in france? battle royale with cheese

*lcd soundsystem voice* i was there the night they made posts "Toots"

i cant believe i joined mastodon in 2016. seems like a million years ago. of course i took a hiatus for a while but now im back baby Awoo

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