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personally? i'd put the horses in the front. but maybe that's just me

all the world's a stage and the play fucking sucks

wish there were non-binary hormones. wanna be "biologically" androgynous lol

‪if i were the notre dame i simply wouldn't have caught on fire‬

someone broke into my spotify account and played pro-fascist music??? i changed my password and deleted the album with mussolini on the cover art from my history but boy howdy am i freaked out a little

i really don't want to sell my accordion to make rent but if i can't find a job or find some music commissions or something, that's plan b :(

‪i have no recollection of typing this. new OC, don't steal‬

i love that the people who claim to care the least about offending people never shut the fuck up about and base their entire personality around it

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gay baseball Show more

ahh, 69... the number mommies and daddies scream when they see the stork delivering their baby

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