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more adventures with Toal, and hopefully my ISP behaves itself tonight!

connection seems stable, let's try again. Ys Origin, with that claw-hands dude, starting now!

scratch that. comcast sucks. dropping literally over 67% of my frames. I'll try again tomorrow.

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It's time to go back 700 years again! Let's see what this edgy man "Toal" is up to.

More Ys V! Feels like we're heading towards end-game, what with the spooky portal we passed through last time. Join me would you?

Time for more Ys V! Tonight, the ruins of Kefin, and ... tiny fluffy kobolds??

Aubrey relayed

(still) need financial help, boosts welcome 

Hey friends, I still could use some money for the end of the monts, I’m going to be broke very soon :x

And there has been some mishaps with my work’s HR that made it so I won’t be paid my full salary for the first two months and that’s going to complicate things for me.

It would be nice if you could send in some money, I really need it rn even though I wish I didn’t have to ask again.

And also a boost is free and always goes a long way <3

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More Ys V! Last time we caught some shady dealings between that one rich guy and the captain of the guard. Let's go get more crystals.

It's time for more Ys V! Last time we dealt with some rather inept-seeming thieves trying to kill us with a boar or something, and now we're in a logging village to hunt down another crystal.

I'm starting Ys V tonight! This one's kind of an oddball in the series. Let's find out why.

Aubrey relayed

My copy of Nekotako arrived and I'm excited to play through it! I'm also happy to support other SNES developers.

It's time to deal with a mirror maze, and possibly finish Ys Origin tonight!

And it's time for more Ys Origin! Today we're going to try to un-petrify our friends

forgot to mention, I'm no longer looking for work. next week is going to be busy.

Last time we caught up with Feena, and Yunica got her honors a little earlier than expected. Now it's a race to the summit!

we're done with lava and moving on to sands as we ascend Darm Tower, in Ys Origin!

Time for more Ys Origin! We're out of the flood and into the ... fire? This tower is weird.

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