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just a quick update to say, I'm not gone or anything, just very very busy. it's been a weird, rough time, and I've had to stop streaming due to the lack of time. maybe someday soon I'll figure out how to schedule not-work things better

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Shaded the line art by hand for fun the other night :>. Then dithered the image.

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Pleurotus pulmonarius, or the phoenix oyster mushroom.

"They are spring and fall fruiting mushrooms which grow quickly after heavy rains, appearing in clusters on dead hardwood trees."

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We have closed the loop.

The launcher can now assemble tal files on the fly, you can use Left to write #uxn programs, Nasu to make graphics, Dexe to include them into your projects.

That means you can have a complete workstation on a NDS, GBA, Playdate, etc..

Thanks to everyone who helped to put this together.

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money help needed 

Hey my mh has been doing very badly and i haven't been able to work for most of September, hopefully I'm on the upswing now but for the meantime, im overdue on some bills and can't pay for food

if you can help, i'd really appreciate it, thanks <3

"where have you been" you may ask?
eh. I've been tired mostly, but I got everything I needed done for work this week. hoping to get done things I *want* to do, now.
this means drawing, this weekend

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Hey, I've got some openings for vector emoji/sticker commissions! DM me if you're interested ^^

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Here's a commission of Nova and Maffi by where they're having a nice picnic. I really wanted to get to see them together in a picture, so here they are!

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Rawr! (commissioned work)

really love to draw dragon cuties hehe

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Mutual aid: Need help getting out of a bad home. 

🍁I don't feel safe at home anymore, and am looking for an apartment. Unfortunately our parents refuse to cosign on a lease, so we're almost completely out of options when it comes to housing.
If anyone in new england (preferrably Massachusetts, conneticut or rhode island) is looking for a roommate we're willing to pay. We have money already saved, so we should be able to help with rent for a year.

DM If you can help.

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Does anyone know a good furry artist who:

1) Can draw scalies (dragons)?
2) Would be willing to draw busts for VTubing?*

*Basically still images with different expressions that can be used for streaming.

How stylized they are can vary. I don't want super detailed art to avoid high cost, but I also don't want full on cartoony.

since getting the job, I haven't really been talking much on this place or twitter, lately. too busy, in part, but also I guess it feels more personal when I use Discord. I hope my stream posts haven't been too annoying, half the time I figure I should stop putting even those on here.

time for more Ys VI! last time we met the villain that created those fairies that have been causing so much trouble on the islands. today, we start our chase after him (and then likely some side quests for a good while)

it's time for Ys VI! last time we found out Dogi is alive! let's go meet up back at town.

time for more Ys VI! Today we're going to open a door, finish exploring a big ol' cave, and then onward to new places!

no-one told us to, but we're going to go mess with ancient machines in Ys IV!

time for more Ys VI! Last time, we met Raba again, and found out his apprentice got lost. Let's go find the boy!

time for a new Ys game! what's Adol been up to in the present? (another shipwreck, that's what!)

time for the top of Darm Tower in Ys Origin! Toal has finally joined his people's side. is it time to end this?

it's time for more Ys Origin! This time, let's start by talking to Lady Feena. hopefully Toal will be more polite this time.

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