my friend resent me the link to that sewing page where the text keeps getting bigger

this always makes me cry with laughter idek why

@xyzzy i love how at the end, it's just like "If a problem persists, we recommend that you contact Sewing and Embroidery Warehouse" in a normal font again.

@kepstin that is the best part

it's like they are just absolutely fucking screaming about sewing and then suddenly return to a normal tone

re: last boost from @xyzzy - if you’re curious, you can right-click in the page and see what’s going on.

What happened is, they’ve nested every item inside the previous section. so the first one is “headline-3” sized. the second one is a headline inside the previous headline, so it’s “headline-3” sized relative to “headline-3” size. and it just keeps going exponentially from there.

I’m not really sure how you make that mistake tbh. Presumably IE 4 or whatever didn’t render it that way?

nooo it’s worse than that

<center><h2><font color="0033ff"><th>The design is out of register</th></font></center>
<h2><font color=" lt blue"><th>Causes:</th></font>
<tr><td><h3><font color="red"><font face="arial">Garment is hooped to loosley<br><width="25%" align="left"></font><font color="0033FF"><font face="arial">re-hoop but do not stretch fabric</font></td></tr>
<tr><td><h3><font color="red"><font face="arial">The fabric is unstable<br><width="25%" align="left"></font><font color="0033FF"><font face="arial">you may have to use a heavier backing</font></td></tr></table>

note the closing </table> tag. there is no opening <table> tag. they are trying to use table layout without a table.

they’re opening two <font> tags, one for red, one for arial, and only closing one of them. after some fake as shit <width> element. so maybe it’s the <font> tags nesting causing the primary problem?

they close <h2>s. but not <h3>s. except there’s precisely two </h3>s hanging out at the bottom of the page.

presumably the browser they were testing this in automatically closed all the appropriate tags when it encountered incorrect end tags?

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