the place i work is desperate to hire more software engineers. i figured i'd post it since the fedi is full of software folks. here's some job titles:
Senior Front End Developer
Senior C++ Engineer (Server-side)
Senior Node.js Developer
Senior Backend Web Developer
Senior Android Developer
QA Automation Engineer/SDET
Senior Embedded Linux Engineer
these positions are in boston, ma and not remote (sorry!)
i'd rather not tell my workplace to the world, so DM me for more info if you're interested in applying.

@xyzzy Let me know if you need documentation editors, I know someone looking for work in that area. (Or any other type of technical editing.)

@xyzzy what's the difference between the backend and the nodejs pos? (I'm not interested but interesting question)

@efertone god, i am the wrong person to ask, lol. i actually work in this company's marketing department. but if you want i can pm you the postings.

@xyzzy ahahaha, not important :) while I pressed the boost button, I started to thinking like "whaaaait if they have backend pos, what is the classification for nodejs :O"

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