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time for an updated

call me xyzzy

i'm 24

i'm a queer cis girl

i live in a city on the east coast of the US

i work in marketing, expect to see rants about it

i write so much it's concerning

i've got some brainweirds

i love music, cats, making weird things, animal crossing (i play new leaf, GCN, and pocket camp), geocities, languages (i know spanish, some russian, and a little french), and Aesthetics

hi :blobcatsip:

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other accounts:
music: @xyzzy
writing: @xyzzy
ephemeral feels (locked): @xyzzy
shitposts & pleroma testing: @zzyzx
backup: @xyzzy

PSA: generic albuterol inhalers now available in US Show more

i wasn't joking when i said is owned by a for-profit LLC now btw

gender reveal party. i play you 6 minutes of static projected onto a large white sheet then look at you expectantly

Trans Internet Security Risk Show more

Interesting...Birdsite link
"A woman read 20,000 Yelp reviews as part of her master’s studies. Her finding? Reviewers’ obsession with "authenticity" is white supremacy in action "

i was reading the manual for super maker on my 3DS and i found this :blobcatmelt4:

Want to use a link shortener on #Mastodon?

Don't! :blobsurprised: All links in Mastodon posts count for 23 characters, no matter how long they really are.

(via @jond )


I made a terrible game where you have to guess which bad domain name is more expensive:

Once when I worked at Uniqlo, someone came up and asked me, "What does Uniqlo mean?" I was like, "What do you mean?" And he said, "Well, 'uni' means 'one,' and 'culo' is Spanish for 'ass,' so does Uniqlo mean 'one ass'?"

for anyone who doesn't know about this, chick-fil-a donates a lot of money to openly anti-gay organizations- about a million dollars within the past year. so like yeah... maybe don't eat there.

i know there's "no ethical consumption under capitalism" (which is something else someone tried to tell me re: chick-fil-a), but like, there are plenty of other fast food restaurants you can eat at instead. i have a very hard time believing that not going there will inconvenience anyone

i legitimately just got told "well i know gay people who LOVE chick-fil-a"

man straight people get really upset when you try to hint to them that they maybe shouldn't be eating at chick-fil-a

isn't it cool that once we started using a decentralized structure for our social media consumption we also started thinking about fun and creative TLDs. it's almost like the shitty neo-memphis group web design paradigm with boring cutesy names like Slack and Tumblr is a way to ornament the corporate takeover of the web and turn it into a flat barren moneyscape.

reclaim website, is what i'm saying, because it's fun

me literally every fucking time i use the healing selection tool

as someone whose first fediverse experience was on a v small and heavily moderated instance (, which is still a lovely place! ❤️ ) feels positively chaotic sometimes in comparison

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