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i just realized i never made a toot on this account!

so uh hi i'm xyzzy

i'm 23

i live in the northeastern US

i work a crap office job

i love weird music, cats, , (i play new leaf, GCN, and pocket camp), geocities, net art, old tech (don't own any though), languages (i know spanish, some french, and a little russian), and 80s & 90s aesthetics

i am not very cybre-skilled but i try sometimes

hi :blep:

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other accounts:
writing: @xyzzy
music: @xyzzy
ephemeral feels: @xyzzy
backup: @floomp

hmmm maybe i should get my ears pierced this week as well

(no, my ears are not already pierced)

i've been worried it might make me look too femme but it might be worth it to be able to wear cool earrings tbh

i also want to get an industrial piercing at some point but that may have to wait until after i move out

also what side to put it on is a very stressful decision l

"people are running around with a ball. sometimes they get points."

-me, accidentally describing half the sports

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moth dad, "i just wanna say that being asked by a professional journalist to defend my campaign to drink the cursed bone drink trapped inside an ancient skeleton sarcophagus is probably the highlight of my career"

i didn't have a senior quote because my high school stopped doing them a couple years before i graduated but if i did it was going to be "if i'm to run the future, you've got to let the old world go" from one beat by sleater-kinney

still like that tbh

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Here’s a survey about the social network #Mastodon. You are invited to take part regardless of your level of involvement or how often you use it or how long you've been here.

I don’t work for them, I’m just curious.

#meta #survey

I caught a tiger butterfly! Looks like I pounced first!

i'm pretty sure i drove by a place with a version of the gadsden flag w a rainbow background on the way here


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If anyone wants some #sociology/#socialscience readings, I have a Google Drive library! They’re segregated into topics, ranging from #demography to sociology of #music to #anarchy/anarchist sociology. There are also quali and quanti research works in there.

ok so like with facial recognition becoming a thing i think there's a much less drastic way of tricking The Algorithms than juggalo makeup

these masks 😷

would they work?

and if they do work- i mean, people already wear them everywhere in places like japan, why not make them a thing here?

apparently something happened with so when i get home i'm going to comb my list of people i'm following for people who were there and try to find them elsewhere

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CW: ableism, abuse (IPV, CSA, etc), preventing internet annoyances, meta Show more

i reaaaally need to draw some in that sketchbook i bought ages ago

i don't even have any pretenses of getting better at it or making anything nice, it's just fun to doodle things sometimes

secret confession time: i actually like fashion quite a bit, i just don't have the money or a body type that would allow me to buy the shit i like

and thus i look like shit in jeans and a t shirt 99% of the time

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i also have a friend who i guess doesn't really pay attention to/distinguish between the sounds of people's voices and was surprised at how well i could

my own response-
i can recognize people by their voices but not so much by the sound of them walking

hey quick poll

can you recognize people by their voices? how about by the sound of them walking?

i guess this isn't actually as common as i thought?

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a request to cis men Show more

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Did you know: the "crime" of jaywalking was literally invented by car manufacturers in order to create anti-pedestrian sentiment and pro-automobile bias.

Similarly, car companies are the reason most cities in the US still don't have good public transportation today: