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time for an updated

call me xyzzy

i'm 24

i'm a queer cis girl

i live in a city on the east coast of the US

i work in marketing, expect to see rants about it

i write so much it's concerning

i've got some brainweirds

i love music, cats, making weird things, animal crossing (i play new leaf, GCN, and pocket camp), geocities, languages (i know spanish, some russian, and a little french), and Aesthetics

hi :blobcatsip:

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other accounts:
music: @xyzzy
writing: @xyzzy
ephemeral feels (locked): @xyzzy
shitposts & pleroma testing: @zzyzx
backup: @xyzzy

PSA: If you live where abortion's illegal or inaccessible? this organization will mail you abortion pills internationally and walk you through the process of usage for a donation amount of your choice, no minimum required.

One of my strongest held political beliefs is More Bad Art Please

this is literally a someday plan i have had since i was a teenager btw this is not new

another one of my dreams is to just shave all my hair the fuck off

not planning on doing it anytime soon but

it's nice to know if i fuck up my hair too bad i have a backup plan :P

i kind of want to dye it over multiple times until it is absolutely destroyed before i do it just for the most hair mileage possible

for some reason youtube just recommended me this video of a girl giving herself a hairstyle which i guess is called a "deathhawk?"

anyway she's gorgeous, and the broken mirror and the butterflies in the background just really give this video that extra something

i've actually been listening to one of the subliminal videos because i like the song it uses and it doesn't say what it is so we'll see if i magically get a more symmetrical face or whatever

am i the only person who really likes 60fps video? so many people seem freaked out by it 😅

PSA, please boost! If you take testosterone as a shot, one thing you need to watch out for is the vial "crystalizing". I was warned about this, but had no idea what it looked like until my vial was quite advanced. I've attached photos so others know what the crystals look like. The crystals will dissolve if you gently warm it up by putting it in your pocket for 5-10 minutes. If they don't, it's time to get a new vial.

i am in possession of a pretty old facebook account with a fake name and fake info and i've realized i should probably guard it carefully instead of just deleting it because apparently fake profiles are hard to make now??

the things these videos promise is also a neat look into what Teen Girls Today apparently want. m i keep saying "teen girls" because based on the things in these videos it's just kind of obvious that that's the audience.
lil list of things i remember:
-makeup skills
-lenient parents
-to be an "ulzzang" or an "instagram baddie" or generally "glo up"
-a date for homecoming
-to be good at "roasting people"
-to go to online school
-better writer (of fanfic, looks like) or better singer

oh i forgot to say i did poke around deeper into this rabbit hole

i found videos that were supposed to hide that you're using these Subliminal Videos so no one ever finds out or comments on how you're like changing your eye color at will and growing 3 feet of hair a day i guess

i also found videos that were about undoing other subliminal videos with comments like "omg thank you i wrecked my face, please be careful with subliminals!"


Portrait of Zitkala Sa, aka Red Bird (1898) writer, editor, musician, teacher, and political activist of Native American Yankton Sioux heritage, by photographer Gertrude Kasebier #womensart

Emma Haworth, contemporary London-based painter known for her observations of the streets and parks, with a hint of otherworldliness #womensart

y'all this is not a drill- kitten academy has a brand new litter with two moms!! (the momcat is very bonded with another cat who is helping take care of the babies.)

gay cat moms!!! :blobcatheart:

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