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other accounts:
music: @xyzzy
writing: @xyzzy
ephemeral feels (locked): @xyzzy
shitposts & pleroma testing: @zzyzx
backup: @xyzzy

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i just realized i never made a toot on this account!

so uh hi i'm xyzzy

i'm 23

i live in the northeastern US

i work a crap office job

i love weird music, cats, , (i play new leaf, GCN, and pocket camp), geocities, net art, old tech (don't own any though), languages (i know spanish, some french, and a little russian), and 80s & 90s aesthetics

i am not very cybre-skilled but i try sometimes

hi :blep:

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Hey, friend!

Remember that even in places of healing like these federated spaces, you can still accumulate anguish, stress, and tension.

And anyone who cares about you will implore you to step back and rest easy.

Find catharsis, revel in solitude, sit and heal, recuperate... Never feel impelled to constantly participate at the expense of your mental fortitude.

You are not DRM. You don't have to be Always Online!

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You make experimental music, huh? So what's your null hypothesis?

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Reminder for fellow amerikkkans since it's that time of year

i've been at two different gay clubs in my life
one played a remix of running up that hill that wasn't this one but this one is the closest one i've ever found
the other had tvs with madonna's vma performance of vogue playing on mute at all times
two very different gay moods right there

i would like to be about 20% more goth

not too goth

just, like, a little more goth

i see people are arguing about dark chocolate

if you don't like dark chocolate... good more for me :P

i love and adore dark chocolate. even the super dark kind that basically just is brittle and bitter because i'm a weirdo.

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journalists need to stop referring to amazon’s “global workforce of 613,000” unless they mention at some point that 50,000 of those people are software developers making $200k and the other 550,000 are warehouse and shipment workers pissing into 2-liter bottles

good morning, a friendly reminder from your local marketing person that everything you see in holiday gift guides and best black friday deal articles paid to be in there

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Today's gender is the smell of your childhood bedroom.

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Dear internet, please stop making videos to tell me things that could be adequately explained in one paragraph of text.

i'm becoming an expert at getting things done while lying in bed

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hello fellow plus-size mastofemmes

where do you buy your cool-ass clothes

pls help me i am clueless

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