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time for an updated

call me xyzzy

i'm 24

i'm a queer cis girl

i live in a city on the east coast of the US

i work in marketing, expect to see rants about it

i write so much it's concerning

i've got some brainweirds

i love music, cats, making weird things, animal crossing (i play new leaf, GCN, and pocket camp), geocities, languages (i know spanish, some russian, and a little french), and Aesthetics

hi :blobcatsip:

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other accounts:
music: @xyzzy
writing: @xyzzy
ephemeral feels (locked): @xyzzy
shitposts & pleroma testing: @zzyzx
backup: @xyzzy

i had to disable ipv6 to get it to work again

i don't feel like i should need to do that??? i don't really like that i had to do that

to clarify, i know this is probably fixable, i'm looking into things to try now. i just have never experienced a browser just... totally ceasing to function as a browser before. it's a little shocking. and coming so soon after the add-ons thing that basically made firefox unusable for me for a while- i'm a little annoyed.

you know something weird i figured out today?

i've been having a ton of internet connection problems lately

and they're only in firefox. if i switch to chrome my internet works fine. what the actual fuck.

something i've been thinking about lately is that it's fine to keep enjoying the things you enjoy

if you like a shampoo you don't have to keep trying other shampoos just in case they're better

if you really like a restaurant you don't have to force yourself to try other ones

if you want to rewatch the same show, reread the same book, replay the same game, resisten to the same songs, don't feel bad about it

trying new things is great but it's also ok to enjoy things you already know you like

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Relatedly, I made a separate thread about how if you're on Food Stamps or Medicaid, you can get a discount on Amazon Prime, which has free shipping, so it can save you the cost of transportation to shop, plus having free on-demand TV:

This magnificent restored Greyhound station in Blytheville, Arkansas

(No individual photo captions. All images are different views of the building exterior)

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i propose we call Chekhov's Inventory the list of things in a movie that have been introduced but have not served a narrative purpose yet

How am I supposed to come home after a long day of work and engage in vast, multifaceted, complicated logistical endeavors such as [ squints at to-do list ] "Taking out the trash"

'I didn’t have time to be anyone’s muse... I was too busy rebelling" Surrealist painter Leonora Carrington #womensart

I'm gonna release them with a cc by-sa 4.0 license after some corrections. Target is 64~ pictures.

On patreon a preview of them:

Feel free to make suggestions for other ones in this set (but I'm gonna consider the ones from people that pay me first, since I'm a venal monster).

#commission open btw.
#art #chick

i can't get over how weird it feels to have an actual decently long ponytail i can like feel swinging around on my shoulders and neck (i'm wearing a tank top for the first time this year)

i say that like it's not what i do literally every night

i'm just staying in, watching stuff, eating junk food, playing mario kart against myself

what's the opposite of getting lit?

getting dim?

that's what i'm doing tonight

there are two cats inside of you and they are meowing

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