eurovision? pfft, I'm watching the European Tramdriver Championship

there's an Australian team competing here too lmao

the english commentary guy keeps getting lost lmao

3 teams have gone and none have knocked over any bowling pins...

there we go. barcelona knocked down 4 pins

i have never wanted to understand german more

i don't know how to drive a streetcar but i bet i would be good at the running-between-streetcars part

Lyon is killing it. fully expecting the French to take this

not the greatest camerawork in this broadcast

Melbourne is up! they did pretty well in the perfect stop too

the audio in the broadcast didn't come on until like a minute into the ballet and lol it's john lennon imagine

oh the second round is just the same thing again

@xnx38h Stockholm are totally the game hackers in this competition

might be a spoiler 

@xnx38h when the tram nails the spot

@xnx38h cw lewd please :blobsweats: lol i'm joking it's sooo satisfying to watch it

@xnx38h wow, damn. (I'm from Luxembourg, there is only one tram line, so I'm a little bit surprised)

@jollysea I'm from Toronto and I kinda wanna see how Toronto does lol

@xnx38h thank you for sharing this i have never wanted to be a world class tram driver more in my life

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