if you were wondering what the Problem with linux is, it's basically just this guy

@xnx38h lol @ the package manager already having fixed the thing this person is claiming is a user-error nonissue

@quat there's so much of a disconnect between the developers who are actively trying to make desktop linux better, and the users who pretend there are no problems at all

@xnx38h they think yes every linux user should understand that and probably they are also dripping with disdain for anyone who actually tries to make any systems more understandable or approachable

@xnx38h pro tip, instead of using the reply button you can use the "block" button :)

@rachelrosen @xnx38h it's good i saw this before i engaged with another shithead.

Seriously, Linux has so little market share and shit like this is why.

@xnx38h I found the sort of wadding through the mess with eyes wide open helpful. I also realized that things I take for granted took me years to learn.

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