love it when someone has a problem with linux and linux users are like "your problem is invalid"

"have you considered being less stupid lmao"


"it's not linux's fault this software doesn't work as well on linux" ok. well. that doesn't change the fact that people won't have a great experience with it

"you just think this is a problem because you're inherently biased against linux for some reason. actually microsoft is paying you"

in case you couldn't tell this is subtooting the takes people are having on the LTT linux video

like. come on

do you want linux to keep being a weird tech nerds only OS or

it's the strangest form of gatekeeping

i think the problem with a lot of linux people is that they assume the two types of computer users are

people who only use their computers for web browsing and email

and hyper-nerds who have the time and energy to stop everything they're doing for a couple weeks and learn an entirely new workflow

which is pretty convenient for them, because linux works great for those two types of people

in the several years i've been using linux, there's definitely been effort on the development side of things to reach the people in the middle (especially in the GNOME project, those folks are doing great work)

but the takes i see from Online Linux People are. not that

Linus Techtips is the perfect example of someone right in the middle who has plenty of use cases to figure out but isn't quite a "power user" and maybe won't always know how to do "advanced" things

linux software developers should listen to him (and ARE)

not sure what everyone else's deal is

@xnx38h I find it pretty weird that people are still like that. I guess that as I grew out of that I also stopped being an “online Linux person”. I use Linux as my daily driver but I don’t talk about it much, and I certainly don’t take it personally when others complain about it. Heck, I have plenty of complaints about it myself.

@xnx38h I very much agree with this (even though I am one of the people exasperated at Linus).

The people that have it harder are exactly the people in the middle, that have a lot of Windows knowledge they need to re-learn but not enough "computer science" skills that would transfer.

@xnx38h Though I'll say, what I find the most infuriating is how aggressive Linus is about it all in the videos. Just present the pros and cons calmly or something.

I'm almost suspecting he is trying to antagonize people on purpose.

@eldaking that's not really supposed to be the format of the videos i think. it's more like "i want to switch to linux, here are the roadblocks i ran into"

i also think it's worth pointing out the minor stuff because, depending on what you're doing, that stuff can really add up

@xnx38h I don't mean the format, just being calm about stuff not working. It's a challenge, failure is a possibility. I certainly wouldn't bet on a total success.

And I wouldn't call those things minor. In fact, I'd expect them to have more to say about even smaller things, before even trying those bizarre complex tasks. I would bail out with much, much less.

@xnx38h reading what's right on your screen is not a "hyper-nerd" skill. and how does someone who is not even a "power-user" run a channel that literally has "techtips" in its name?

@methyltheobromine if people are ignoring what's "written right on their screens" then clearly it isn't clear enough. pretty basic UI design

@xnx38h or maybe they're just not reading. no amount of UI design can force you to read.

@methyltheobromine it can, actually

good design solves actual problems that people have. good design does not take into account any form of "personal responsibility" or w/e. again, pretty basic stuff

@xnx38h his problem is that he didn't understand when he accepts to remove a package, it will be gone. how could UI make this more clear or whatever?

@methyltheobromine so you expect that every linux user ever will understand what gdm is, why it's important, and what happens when you remove it from your system

@xnx38h yeah I'm the 'in the middle folk' who uses the Adobe creative suite, serato for DJing, Ableton for music production. I could do that in different environments in Linux, but it makes no sense. It's the only thing holding me back really. I've ran Linux distros in various computers in the past, but not right now.

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