@xnx38h i am like
this reads like a bot but i know it's actually some extremely obnoxious neoliberal that actually exists

@clacke @xnx38h yeah i am just like

you've heard of techbros being obnoxious about the number of indent spaces for code now get ready for............ some neolib who is obnoxious about the number of spaces in fucking english prose

@haskal @clacke if you have a fucking english grammar rule in your twitter bio that is like the #1 non-political reason i will have to not want to be friends with you

@xnx38h How are people fitting all this crap in their twitter bio when i barely have enough characters to tell people im gay

@xnx38h have we tried turning America off and then back on again

@InternetEh @xnx38h tried during 2020 but couldn't find the hard switch, just a soft restart of some apps while others persisted throughout defeating the entire purpose

@xnx38h that is definitely "tell him you'll add your number to his phone and rename his mother's entry to the fake name you gave him" energy

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