Screaming at this list of “most American” and “most British” words (“Pus” is percent of US people who recognize the word, “Puk” is percent of UK people)


@prehensile 99% of brits know what a "biro" is. what the fuck is a "biro"

@xnx38h @prehensile Writing on paper with biro's. And when it rains you need a brolly!
That's very naff, this linguistic soup with chipolata sausage.
You would rather not be called a yob.
I love the birdsong of a chaffinch.
Funny I'm Belgian and I know words of both columns! The left column has quite a lot of food related words, from Italian and Spanish.

@xnx38h @prehensile Genericised trademark - a biro is a ball-point pen.

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