here's a general theme. i do not want things to autoplay on my computer

this applies to everything

when i load an online video, i do not want it to play until i press the play button

when i'm watching a "playlist" of videos, i don't want the next one to play until i press the play button (currently youtube has no way of stopping this)

i especially do not want your "algorithms" to decide what i want to watch or listen to next and automatically play it

i also don't want any webpage to play video or audio before i explicitly tell it to by pressing a play button

you'd think this would be a popular opinion

@xnx38h I think it is a popular opinion, it's just less profitable

@if well, you'd think at least having the option to disable it would make some people less frustrated

@xnx38h True. I think youtube has that, but it's in a weird A/B testing phase right now so sometimes it shows up in a weird place

@xnx38h but then the circus midi won't play when you go to my "about me" page!

that's the only legitimate usage of autoplay I can think of though

@xnx38h I prefer playlists and queues to run on their own, but I agree with everything else.

@xnx38h there are chrome extensions, but the option should deff be baked in

@psiie i use the firefox option to disable autoplay but for some reason it doesn't work for youtube playlists

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