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yeah linux is cool but does it have ransomware built in

@xnx38h yes

Endless OS has an OEM option for pay-as-you-go so you can loan out laptops for profit.

@xnx38h my all time most windows 10 windows 10 experience was the update where it gave me a blank screen for a few seconds followed by the slowly fading in text "your files are right where you left them"

@xnx38h @Sylvhem The ransome ware is built in, though! And is no extra cost to me! Sounds like a steal. 🙄

@xnx38h It's not your computer. You simply log into one of their portals

@xnx38h Used to be a time they just called it "product activation"

@xnx38h damn, when it malware, Microsoft really got the game on lock. I mean, it's not even a competition

@xnx38h besides that, did anyone notice that strange "Internet features"?

Wtf are internet features? And why is the I a capital letter there? 🧐

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