yeah linux is cool but does it have ransomware built in

@xnx38h yes

Endless OS has an OEM option for pay-as-you-go so you can loan out laptops for profit.

@xnx38h my all time most windows 10 windows 10 experience was the update where it gave me a blank screen for a few seconds followed by the slowly fading in text "your files are right where you left them"

@ben @xnx38h "Oh thank god!!! For a second there, I really thought Windows had _totally fucked my files!_ Phew!!!"

@andi @xnx38h "statements that make you believe the thing they're saying less after you read them"

@xnx38h @Sylvhem The ransome ware is built in, though! And is no extra cost to me! Sounds like a steal. 🙄

@xnx38h be wary of those who bring gifts. msft extorts money for some blob in android or arm processor. msft piggybacks rogue installations onto any system that has used an msft repository to install an msft application, like powershell (on fedora add powershell repo then install dolphin-emu). edge installs systemd units with high privilege. anything that msft provides on linux distros benefits only msft. wait until msft starts using dbus! #caveatcomedenti #lettheconsumerbeware

@xnx38h It's not your computer. You simply log into one of their portals

@xnx38h Used to be a time they just called it "product activation"

@xnx38h damn, when it malware, Microsoft really got the game on lock. I mean, it's not even a competition

@xnx38h besides that, did anyone notice that strange "Internet features"?

Wtf are internet features? And why is the I a capital letter there? 🧐

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