ontario is adding coding to the elementary math curriculum which is cool but can we also make ethics a mandatory part of tech classes so we hopefully end up with fewer techbros

@xnx38h CS was implemented as an HS graduation requirement and started becoming a standard in elementary schools in my city a handful of years ago, and while I *think* the most basic CS class at my school does teach ethics and security principles, it's definitely not the case everywhere. I think it's probably very possible to teach computer ethics as a component of general 'computer literacy'. Requiring it means a *standardized* CS curriculum for kids, which is most likely closer on the horizon than people think. Keep fighting for it 😔 ✊ things are moving fast and more often than not there's a specific board for school CS initiatives you can give input through

@xnx38h I say 'school CS initiatives' here but really I mean district because all of that is handled at a district level most of the time in the US- assuming it's similar up there

@xnx38h But… but… but… how can ethics be a valuable skill in the workplace of competitive efficiency? Think about the economy! Get a grip, next you'll say that social studies have a purpose.

@xnx38h ? maybe also we should teach ethics in general also ?

@feonixrift yeah, but what i mean is ethics specifically as it applies to tech. good point though.

@xnx38h I absolutely agree with you -- a tech ethics course is a must. And it must be real ethics, not just how to get away with it. I want it to be ethics 2 -- after already having to take a general ethics course that everyone has to do, just like they have to do basic communication.

@xnx38h ... unless they're doing it REALLY well by current standards of "adding coding to the curriculum", I'd prefer probability and statistics, honestly.

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