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anyone wanna play scrabble? my ISC handle is initializi

( i guess)

asking for help to get away from an abusive living situation, boosts needed 

okay so, i should probably use actual python language parsing (which i can do) instead of rolling my own

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yes i'm still doing this lmao

now the blocks or whatever execute within function scope (which doesn't have access to the main module namespace, hopefully i'll be able to fix that lol)

Can I use the Windows pagefile as a Linux swapfile?

#2313 "Wrong Times Table" 

the offices of a nonprofit support center for Native youth in MN was damaged by fire last night, they are asking for donations

i hope the issue wasn't just "it got slightly unplugged and i forgot to check if that was the case"

it probably was

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just plugged in my broken third monitor and it randomly decided to start working again


hahaha holy fuck they burned down the police station, that whips ass


this is an exquisite and cathartic photo

it brings me warm fuzzies and i want to see more of this happen in more cities

i have as much of a gender as i do love for magic bus

i have none


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