it can be pretty weird when you look in the mirror and realize you're a person

oh ok so apparently one of the functions i was using to skip some unnecessary processing, like, wasn't working at all. that would explain it

at some point i want to rewrite this in a way that makes some sort of sense

not now though lol

if you weren't already convinced i was a terrible programmer my AoC day 3 program took 10 minutes to run because i was too lazy to write a proper solution

it worked though lol

this specific section has about a 15% chance of working if i run it

i love paintings but they just don't work as desktop wallpapers for some reason

this code is cursed

i blame myself 50% for being a shitty programmer and myself 50% for trying to write a single script in smalltalk when it is obviously not designed to do that

bruteforcing something always feels dirty even when i can't think of a way to do the thing algorithmically

AoCing in smalltalk because i can't motivate myself to learn something new and also i love smalltalk

funny how my twitter profile is 100% retweets and my masto profile is 100% stupid original posts

i recently found the @ foone twitter account and now i want to unfollow every other account on there

i haven't started advent of code yet what's a cool meme language to do it in

universal locally-hosted deep learning autocomplete when

my brain has been in a constant state of explosion since sometime in early october but it's mostly calmed down now, i think that's good

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