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pinning this for now: monads online has me blocked for some petty reason, if you're on there i can't interact with you

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being in tech is fun because you can make the most idiotic stupid bullshit and rest assured that some asshole dudebro down in silicon valley will come up with something ten times worse

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anyone wanna play scrabble? my ISC handle is initializi

( i guess)

i don't know what saturday night live is but all i've seen from it is extremely unfunny clips

if you install mastodon as a PWA you get 2 home timelines for some reason

can pol 

oh no maxime bernier did a racism. i am shocked

i hate when i look up how something works and i get a bunch of watered-down explanations

like come on. that only gives me half the story. i want the Details. i want the technology connections video

(i have never been to a montreal burger king)

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epic apple beef. sounds like something they would sell in a burger king in montreal or something

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is the apple epic beef still happening

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Recently in public statements in front of Congress, to customers, and in court, Apple has claimed that there were two eras in selling software: in boxes on retail shelves, and then their App Store.

Apple is full of shit. They're trying to erase the largest and most significant way people have sold software: directly to others, online.

"What It Was Like to Sell Apps Online in 2003"

wait until the pleromas find out twitter doesn't federate with them either

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I see some discussions on the English speaking Fediverse about
Please, block that instance. It’s a reactionary instance and it always have been. It’s a reactionary instance now and it was a reactionary instance back in 2017 when it was still running on GNU Social. Nothing changed.

i can't find anything about it in the release notes but i have it and i don't have the addon installed

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holy shit did firefox finally add a "close tabs to the left" button

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screw your non-fungible tokens. me, I want my tokens to funge. I want them to funge and never stop funging. permafungible. nothing but funge, beginning to end.

i hate it when people ask for my discord handle because then i have to tell them it's "gamers should be oppressed uwu"

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im not a fucking nerd so i dont get why youd defend pleroma on any level but after a point of nazi saturation youd probly abandon it and id think that point was a long fucking time ago

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tired: all rights reserved
wired: permissive license
inspired: AGPL
hired: all rights reserved (to use this you must pirate it :)

what's the weirdest internet community you've been a part of?

when i was like 13 i was in a community that was sort of adjacent to this other community called PPTOSN, or PowerPoint OS Network. it was basically a bunch of kids who would make toy desktop shells with powerpoint. at least it's creative, i guess

met this guy on there who went by Echos or MBP, we chatted over skype (for some reason) about windows phones and other dumb shit like that. kind of a weird guy. wonder how he's doing

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