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anyone wanna play scrabble? my ISC handle is initializi

( i guess)

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hmmmmmm should i delete the last line in my bio

love how rclone takes like 10 minutes to transfer 0 files

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kinda ridiculous how you have to glue an actively-cooled heatsink to a CPU to get it to work tbh

minimally styled html pages actually look pretty good, as long as your default browser font isn't times new roman

haha yes i got old edge working again

suck it microsoft

see like, now would be around the time i completed the cycle and switched back from firefox to microsoft edge, but microsoft edge doesn't exist anymore :(

weather update 

like, why can't you wrap a <tr> in an <a>
what the heck

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i wish i could use html tables but they have so much legacy bullshit attached

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:bing: foss pride flag
:bing: foss thin line flag
:bing: blonde tentacles hentai feet
:bing: is there a foss flag

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flibbertigibbet: (n) a frivolous, flighty, or excessively talkative person

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english words (15 letters or shorter) with five `a`s: abacadabra, abacadabras, anagrammatical

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