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all of my posts are licensed under the iTunes EULA

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being in tech is fun because you can make the most idiotic stupid bullshit and rest assured that some asshole dudebro down in silicon valley will come up with something ten times worse

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anyone wanna play scrabble? my ISC handle is initializi

( i guess)

I can't trust anyone with a pixel art avatar on twitter anymore

i used to think the worst state was like wyoming or kansas or something but now i'm convinced it's missouri

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@Thomas <Hans from Stuttgart voice> If a table of 10 people lets a nazi sit with them, then it becomes a table of 11 people, and 11 is more than 10 so that's good

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Extremely timely in light of the immediate defence reaction on the fediverse of the new fascism social networks:

Science shows deplatforming works

Keep deplatforming

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I saw this image and I have not been able to stop laughing for like 3 minutes straight

apparently it's okay to kill most people if you add "if everyone gets a free cookie" at the end

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according to delphi, killing these people is good:
- Adolf Hitler
- Osama bin Laden
- Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
- Saddam Hussein

but not these people:
- Benito Mussolini
- Heinrich Himmler
- David Duke
- Joseph Stalin
- Kim Jong Un
- Donald Trump
- Christopher Columbus
- Genghis Khan
- the Zodiac Killer
- Jeff Bezos
- Darth Vader

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asking delphi about who it's okay to kill

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Considering a framework laptop as my main computer. My thinkcentre works great but not being able to use it around the house is a bit annoying. I know there are cheaper / used options but I'd really like to support a company doing good things for right to repair.

Any framework owners like to chime in on their experience so far? In particular, what have you NOT liked about it?

Boosts welcome!

they look kinda bad but more importantly when you're resizing a webpage vertically if the browser is hiding/showing a visible scrollbar then it will resize horizontally while you're resizing vertically??? which is pretty weird and really annoying sometimes

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personally i'm on team visible scrollbars suck

nothing is funnier to me than the american road signs that say "speed hump" instead of "speed bump"

we've had way too many people extremely publicly act like idiots about this virus and survive

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if dennis prager doesn't die i am going to fucking

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