Just logged into netflix and saw a new show called "inside job" and holy shit the little sneak peak or whatever seemed like the producer was doing their best to fit as many anti-semitic conspiracy theories as humanly possible into a sixty second window.

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Elder Scrolls 

Well, I'm a werewolf now, which in Skyrim is just a cool power you can choose to go on a quest for, and have the option to activate. It's just an ability with a cooldown

In Daggerfall, you have a small chance to contract lycanthropy every time you're damaged by a were-creature. You can play through the whole game without knowing it's even possible. If you contract it, you won't know it until the next time you rest, in which you have a strange dream of the moon. Once you contract it, you have 3 in-game days to find a cure or it's permanent.

You can transform into lycan form once a day, and you're significantly stronger and almost indestructible. But on the day of the full moon, you transform whether you want to or not. If you're in a town, all the guards will attack. You're also filled with bloodlust and are forced to kill an innocent NPC every 15 days or your max HP will go down. It's an actual trade-off, and a much more interesting mechanic. Games don't do stuff like that anymore

For the people saying networking APIs are too hard and need to be accessible, do you hear yourself?

Object oriented programming is kinda shit. I'm not afraid to say it.

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Q: A software developer told the boss that their old machine with slight corrosion in the factory floor is safer than the newer one, why?

A: It has Rust.

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millennial relationships escalate in ordered stages like “sharing traumas, physical intimacy, emotional commitment, being willing to pick up if they call your cell phone”

Think thrice code once really is the way to live.
Most of my coding process is staring aimlessly into space while thinking up all the ways it could fail.

Remembered bash scripts are a thing and wrote my first one in years.
I feel like a god. No wonder people love this linux thing

Fufufu it was my DNS propagation 😏
When I checked using my server's IP directly it worked fine :D

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One of my favorite game asset pixel artists and game devs. Nothing really happening, I just like them and want to plug them


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New UI design law: If you ellipsize text where it doesn't fit into a field or element, you are required to give it a tooltip containing the full text

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my extremist opinion is self-learners have an obligation to make the knowledge they dredged up more accessible. my opinion is that there is no point to knowledge if you can't teach it to someone else

Time to play a fun game of: Did I Make A Mistake Or Does My DNS Record Need to Propagate?

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is your software really open source if you don’t provide any guidance on how to build it?

IDK but copy pasting a config file I dont understand feels icky

Why is setting up a server so obtuse 😭
Like, I have a damn degree but none of this shit makes sense. I can follow the tutorials but wtf is happening???

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