Fuck pollen. 

Fuck pollen.

Checkout happynetbox.com when you get a chance. Web interface to a finger server. Lots of fun.

Seth Godin doesn’t understand NFTs... or cryptocurrency... or the 2020’s.

@protonmail I use my Protonmail sparingly, but would use this regularly. Will we be able to pay for ProtonDrive even if we have a free mail account or are they linked?

If you're taking your vaccine advice from Joe Rogan that kind of points to a completely different problem.

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@geary It's more a pet peeve than a breaking need. Also, I still need to get used to it. Otherwise, white space looks great and surprisingly cleans a lot up. Great release.

I really need to find a quality, secure cloud sync. Is @protonmail's out of beta yet?

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My OneDrive sync has been failing for a few months because the sync_list changed, but the service doesn't trigger and alert/notification when there's an issue. UGH... Good thing I decided to check on some random files.

Digging the new @geary updates, but would love to be able to resize the panels.

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“Long ago when I realized that government and capitalism were too hopelessly corrupt and unjust to be reformed through legal or electoral means, I chose to engage in civil disobedience and direct action. I knew then that my actions could land me behind bars, yet I fought on anyway; after a dozen arrests and even a prior federal prison sentence for hacking, I chose once again to use my computer skills to attack the systems of the rich and powerful"

Go outside to read and drink a beer... Everything is covered in pollen.

Surprised that some still feel that Seth Godin is relevant.

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🎐🎐 Geary 40 has been released! 🎐🎐

This new feature release features substantial interfaces updates to support half-screen and phone displays, search engine updates, and many interface, performance, translation and server compatibility updates and fixes.

Available to download from Flathub right now, and your favourite distribution as it gets packaged.


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Carolina Con Online is happening this weekend! Great talks so far and the #CTF is fun. Check it out ^_^

#CarolinaCon #CarolinaConOnline


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Google is becoming a prerequisite to get a public education and it upsets me to no end.

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