In other news, maybe I should look for help with getting over performance anxiety. I'm confident that my inconfidence is holding me back.

I'm glad my friend is sorting things out. They were in a rough spot, so I'm happy that they're moving forward.

I've never been so moved by a protest before.

I made a flag because I was so upset about it but I'm never political in social media so I'm posting it here instead.

"Bloodied Unity"

we should be asking for people's birthdates, not birthdays -> ->

editor war's over

Rust is the least comfy language I've ever had the pleasure I've working with

am I just a rust fanboy or is there something waking inside me

Me: I want P5 for Switch
Mom: We already have P5 on Switch at home:

P5 on Switch at home: hyrule warriors

pacman -Suwu <package> is a completely valid command

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Can you imagine getting kicked out of your local gaming group for showing up with a depleted uranium d4 and fucking up the table trying to roll it

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The fact that DNA can now contain malicious data means that there is a very possible chance that an interdisciplinary field, biocybersecurity, will exist and specialize in preventing malicious organic data from infecting digital systems.

And also holy shit that sounds like an amazing world to be in.

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So why is it called a "florp"? Did admins not come up with an interesting cyb name for "favorite" or "like"?

man i didn't expect lubing my stablizer and clipping them made such a difference in sound!

Oh, and turns out that the case does fit, I'm just stupid.

All keyboard parts have arrived, and the completed thing is a glorious piece of work. Never going to type on anything again! <3

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Today I deactivated my Twitter account.

I was on Twitter for more than 11 years, and had a verified account with 30,000+ followers.

I visited their office when they were 20 people (meeting with Ev) and again when they were 3,000 people.

It is such a relief to get rid of something that has turned into one giant plastered-with-ads-and-forcefed-clickbait mess of harassment, bots and Nazis that is steered by a spine- and clueless leadership team.

Hi again, Mastodon! ๐Ÿ‘‹ #deactiday

Oh the joys of ordering online:
>Making custom KB
>Orders a case from China
>takes 4 weeks to ship and arrive
>doesn't fit

And now I'm trying to return it, and wait another month for another case.

Sucks too, I really loved the case design.

I was rsyncing a 105gb transfer at 3MBps thinking I would have it done overnight. I forgot I was already ssh'd into the machine, and consequently just did the slowest, most obtuse copy in the world.

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