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I’m absolutely vibrating with nerd joy at having successfully replaced this setup with a MiSTer + MiSTercade ryanfb.github.io/etc/2017/11/1

video game review of Lake (2021), minor spoilers 

shit, it’s 1986 and not 1987. we regret the error

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video game review of Lake (2021), minor spoilers 

Game review: Lake (2021)

A 40 year old big city computer lady has to go back to her podunk hometown to… cover mailman shifts for her dad while her parents vacation in Florida? Takes place in Oregon in 1987. Written by aliens who learned about human interaction by watching hallmark movies with subtitles and learned about the 80s from clickbait listicles. There are subplots, but most of them wrap up quickly with no conclusion.

sloppy joe is a beef salad sandwich

will relayed

*to the tune of “flamboyant” by pet shop boys*

🎶 you’re so damn buoyant
🎶 you really float
🎶 it’s like they filled you with air

I’ve had this “hey do you want this guitar” guitar with a busted nut in my closet for over a decade so I got it to play Doom

i hope i didn’t accidentally steal a joke with any of these

after taking a dna test, a single mother meets the father she never knew and forgives him on his deathbed for his philandering past in “Old School Gaiden: Frank’s Last Rush”

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get your tickets now for 2040’s hottest new comedy: after discovering the forgotten ruins of his late grandfather’s school, a young orphan revives his family’s legacy of being really really really ridiculously good looking

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it’s 2047 and the new family movie is a sentimental comedy sequel about a girl finding her dead grandfather’s old sci-fi gadgets

it’s called “hot tub time machine: submerged”

a metal band that only does covers of songs that feature leland sklar on bass

i call it “sklar tissue”

You can now build an iPad on your iPad with your iPad in your iPad for your iPad

watching japanese joinery vids and realizing that screws are a scam

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