You can now build an iPad on your iPad with your iPad in your iPad for your iPad

watching japanese joinery vids and realizing that screws are a scam

I got a book, it’s a “life’s little instruction book” style (aka analog birdsite) compilation of internet quips and thoughts from a guy who saw the future but also did securities fraud

shitpost, uspol, goosebumps 

the horror at camp jellyjam is a metaphor for the deep state

I don’t like the new logo for MIDI, nor do I agree with the reasoning behind changing it

Found this old hard drive from a mid 90s Macintosh, anybody know how I can mount this?

Playing the NJPW Fighting Road in Fire Pro, it’s basically a clickventure “You’re The Newest Wrestler. Can You Become The Heavyweight Champion?”

Fun time fact! If it wasn’t for daylight saving time, today’s date would be June 8, 1997. Just imagine the possibilities~


been listening to library music lately (mostly coloursound)

it rules

Sup YouTube, it’s time for another diy video you can do at home! This time it’s “DIY Archery Target from Scrap Materials”

Step 1: grab all your scrap materials

Step 2: go to your warehouse full of power tools and cut this pristine scrap wood you harvested from an extra work bench you don’t need any more because you have too many work benches

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