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this is why we can't have nice things.
people dare to ask for help writing software that's sole purpose is to violate workers rights

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@alexbuzzbee to clarify the terminology, it's for building Wayland shell components (panels, notifications, etc) with GTK.

@EclecticEclipse and if you're on a laptop with a decent touchpad, consider github.com/bulletmark/libinput

With moving windows in all directions and workspace switching all mapped to different gestures, you can get around real fast.

@EclecticEclipse Speaking of which, if you don't use a DE or have some other graphical way of enabling/configuring outputs, get really good at xrandr (assuming you're on a laptop, and may want to plug into a screen at some point)

@EclecticEclipse You can also use the whole session of another desktop, and drop in i3 as the wm. Works well with simpler desktops like XFCE and MATE. This gets you stuff like output configuration for free.

@EclecticEclipse If the desktop feels a little bit too foreign, you can always drop in any random X11 panel to get a slightly more DEish experience without sacrificing much.

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its 2020 we should be living in lush forested cityscapes

@yojimbo @alexbuzzbee Not currently, and I don't anticipate they will soon but could be wrong.

@alexbuzzbee yes, every interaction I've had with System76 has been top notch. Unfortunately I've needed to have significantly more interactions with them than Dell. I'll probably buy another laptop from them once they start manufacturing their own ones.

@bugaevc @alexbuzzbee I think I've already got my hands full with Wayland on Linux


@mastodan Hope you're feeling better now. I'll be there!

Looks like I'll be in Seattle from Wednesday to Sunday or so for SeaGL, then Portland for a bit after that!

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A couple weeks ago @wmww was over and we talked for a while. He had an idea I'd like to put up here having let it sit for a bit.

The government should give organizations like Mozilla money based on the amount they accomplish, essentially buying free software for the world. The amount provided should be determined by competition amongst the various organizations, to encourage efficiency and effectiveness, but should be adjusted at a limited rate to insulate against political swings.

@alexbuzzbee I'm sure theres some sort of software called Ant. I think I did a bit of research to make sure there wasnt anything too similar

@alexbuzzbee Me recent attempt at a configuration management system was called Ant. Each idempotent operation was represented by an Ant object. The Queen object managed them and the function that did the thing was ant.march()

@sir Does this mean failing to call layer_surface.set_size() is legal if and only if all four edges are anchored?


That seems weird, but it's my best reading.

(Using masto because Matrix<>IRC is down, so I don't have a bouncer)

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