@wklew I really like Teenage Engineering's stuff but it always seems way too expensive. $179 isn't as bad as a lot of their stuff though. The analog controller thing looks really fun on this, I do love TE's analog doodads and doohickeys that they always have on their devices.

@nytpu yeah I've always been turned off by the prices, but still love the designs

@wklew Okay, I really like Pocket Operators and they're pretty cheap for music equipment. But the OP-1 being $1,120 is a lot, and their newest thing the OB-4 radio is really cool, but too much of a novelty for $600.

It seems like their collaboration designs are slightly more reasonably priced. Pocket Operators are apparently a collab and the Playdate you linked is a collab and both are better priced than they probably would be if they were solely TE-made.

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