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I just had a thought about "earnest irony" and the weird part is I kinda get it

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Shout-outs to GDQ for having a fuck load of queer visibility and also general diversity in terms of both runners and hosts/staff tbh

Like every year there are just more and more trans runners and I'm About It

If you think Luke Skywalker wouldn't listen to hardcore punk, you're absolutely wrong

tbh my history with System of a Down is kinda wild cos I was really into them in like 9th grade and then right around 11th grade I thought I was Too Cool for them because of their association with the nu-metal scene and then like 3 years ago I listened to something of theirs on a whim and I realized not only are they a great band but now I also heavily fuck with their lyrics

Basically the lesson is I Didn't Know Shit In 11th Grade

I would ironically change my display name to WHITE CUCK BALL but then my display name would be WHITE CUCK BALL and that's not really worth the joke tbh

I kinda love how messy the DIS- ended up being like it LOOKS like someone spray-painted an Imperial recruitment poster or something it feels very Star Punk

Not starpunk, which is not a thing but would probably be stupid if it was

Also, Mastalab has a WAY better image description interface than Tusky does like wow!!

So it turns out the chalk markers work really well on, like, damn-near everything so I finally found a way to make myself feel better about the can cozy my aunt gave me two years ago

@witchfynder_finder it gets worse

the adjective form of Liverpool is Liverpudlian (or Scouser depending on who you ask) and the adjective form of Newcastle is Geordie

Honestly I have a lot of strong opinions about Smash for someone who last played Brawl, last put any serious amount of time into Melee, and who was never very good at anything that wasn't spamming Link's Up-B

wtf the adjective form of Glasgow is Glaswegian

How does that even happen??

what 2 heck

Hereditary was a 2018 film????

how fucking long was last year??

Anyway enbies are very technically trans but some (like me) don't feel conformable with using that term and THAT'S OKAY!!

But they know better than you do so don't tell them different!

lmao accidentally Started A Discourse in a Facebook group because I had the audacity to mention that some enbies don't identify as trans


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