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I feel like we need to talk about Black Panther and Marvel movies in general in two different ways. Because there's a specific baseline for Marvel movies that a specific one can either exceed (BP) or fall short of (Civil War). But also that's going to be really subjective based on if you like Marvel movies or not (I think they're Fine).

So while BP was an EXCELLENT Marvel movie and was more than I expected, it was still just a decent action film and it's hard to articulate both of those feelings at once.

Like, I'm not gonna sing its praises from the rooftops or anything because it was still just a Marvel movie, but it was a damn good Marvel movie.

my name is The Thorax, i speak for the bees

@HTHR Yeah for sure! It's a lot nicer to look at than just white =P

@HTHR It's the first time it's looked like more than a mock-up is why! Like, this looks like a video game!!!

@HTHR I like the use of H on those cacti

Iunno, it's just really doin it for me right now

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@HTHR Plus most of it is at least relatively chill so I don't imagine it would get too distracting while you're doing things

But I'm gonna see Black Panther tomorrow so that'll be dope!

I spent way too much time today watching D&D advice videos and now I'm ready to just


@acadavo I'm always a fan of the people who think it's a contradiction in terms.

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ALSO I'm pretty sure I'm losing my voice! >8(