Same with photography like if I could be a photojourno for NatGeo or something ohhhhh man

Yo big mood. Like, I'm sure there are lots of ethical concerns involved that you'd have to work with but the base idea is just so dope

@witchfynder_finder "Last season he was the first person in the HISTORY of the NFL to catch a pass thrown by a left handed quarter back with only his right hand with the elbow between 70 and 95% extended with both feet in the back-right-most 3/11ths of the end zone."

@chr chr you

you can just watch on tv

comcast doesn't have algorithms yet

NFL trivia is literally on the same level as episodes of How It's Made

"I don't care about this, I literally never asked about this, and you have my undivided attention"

Honestly I love when people get REALLLLLY lost in the weeds about Trivia and Facts and Firsts because they just get stupid with it after a while

Like watch any football game and just listen to some of the "Only one to..."s they throw out

Nobody actually cares about most of this shit and it's amazing

@catoutofbed There's a joke in here somewhere about boots with pockets I just know it!!

Dumb sketch since I've been studying all day and needed something less anatomically rigorous, lol.

#art #mastoart #smashbrosultimate #isabelle #pichu

Saw a copy at a used bookstore for like $30 and I'm still real salty I didn't have the scratch to buy it cos that's STUPID cheap

You might think the Nintendo 64 is named that because it came out in 1964 and indeed that was the original intent

However due to Budgetary Concerns the system was delayed until 1976, at which point everything had already been printed so they just kept the name

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