Also the reason basically boils down to "There's monsters, yo" so why even bother???

This toot brought to you by the first hour of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night which literally has the shopkeeper go through about 5 dialogue boxes to explain EXACTLY WHY she needs money from you

Nobody was going to ask why she needs money, I guarantee it, it's a video game and she's the shopkeeper

Dear Video Games!

Not every single mechanic needs to have a Deep Lore Reason behind it!

You can just have a shop, it's okay!!!

Between No Man's Sky's OST being done by 65daysofstatic and the trailers for Outer Wilds I guess we have all agreed that space sounds like post-rock now and I'm HERE FOR IT

@HTHR Can I just say that I love that we have apparently decided that space sounds like post-rock now?

@zac To be fair, it's technically a SB&HJ joke and not a Homestuck joke PER SE but the difference only matters to me and maybe nobody else ever =P

@HTHR Disclaimer: I have no fucking idea what Outer Wilds actually is, I'm just Bobbyposting

@commie You know, in general I feel like things that make sense from a dollars perspective are good examples of why capitalism is bad =P

@commie Man, it makes sense from a purely dollars perspective but that feels like a perfect example of why capitalism is bad

@commie Honestly I still wonder what their business model was SUPPOSED to be, like

Were they banking on that many people signing up and then forgetting or only going to see 1 movie a month?

@commie I wish I had had the time to be part of the inevitable demise of MoviePass tbh

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