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๐Ÿ‘ปโ„ข MISTER BONES FAN @witchfynder_finder@cybre.space

I just really love how Liam Sharp draws Wonder Woman

I had a bad habit of not deleting anything, so here's something I made one time

I see it all the time and now you have to, too

Most recent library haul

I'm a complex individual...

Puppy is kinda sick, but she feels good enough for some midnight snuggles

Pupper wants my dinner

You can't have my dinner, pupper, chili is not for doggos!!

I was trying to make a neat design on this Resistant pilot helmet and I accidentally Adidas


There's a doggo who sometimes comes in whose name is Commando

So of course this is where my mind immediately goes every time I say his name

I've been slowly working my way through some of Gerry Conway's run writing Spider-Man and, folks, let me tell you

It's fucking great

Comics were WAY different in the 70s and I kinda dig it

He DID create the Spider-Mobile, though, so clearly his run wasn't perfect =P

Look, ma, I'm in the backer credits for a video game!

You thought shoebills were fake as hell, wait until you see the Sri Lanka frogmouth!!!