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Next on my reading list: schlocky sci-fi from the 60s

Look how glorious this book is. I can't wait for it to turn out to be a total pile.

From the WayForward Facebook page comes this Very Good Genie wishing all of y'all a good V-times Gay

Or, if you don't like V-times Gay, she's wishing you a good Wednesday

Here it is. Some gender-bend fanart of Zidane from Final Fantasy IX. The single picture that made me queer. I saw this and my IMMEDIATE reaction was "I want to cosplay that." I'm p sure my entire experience dealing with Gendre stemmed from that moment.

I still want to cosplay it tbh

Hi I can't draw very well but here's a potential banner for a secret society that wants to summon Yeenoghu to end the world.

Two stars shine on a black field. A full moon sets behind the mountains.


And by pointing this out, I have ruined it.

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One day I made this and honestly I regret it

I keep it on my computer as a reminder

I fell a lot and wasn't really in the proper headspace to snowboard today, but the view from the bottom was still pretty good.