I have literally always done some variation of this position for my ID pic in PKMN Moon and I have no idea why??

Also reminder I named myself Comrade and it was the best decision

tfw some fuckin anime pfp rando shows up and mansplains movies to you and then gets lewd-adjacent in your menchies

My mum cut all the split ends off of my hair and now it's curling like it hasn't for years and years

The ol "My hair is about 4 inches longer than it looks, actually"

Oh you think Hitler was a good guy?

This is what DC thinks and they don't care if you stop buying their books.

Also I never have an excuse to post this, perhaps my favourite Star Wars picture of all time, so here

There's Muppet discourse happening on my TL while I'm over here being obsessed with Star Wars again which basically means I'm contractually obligated to post this picture

The big number is the time from my desk to my front door

The small number is the time from my car to the front door

Is my commute 10 minutes or 23?

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