i wonder if someone here who knows a bit more about the art history of dragons can help me out with this --

what irl animal are these fin/frill type things based on? it doesn't quite match any lizard frills or fins i've found, they're usually covered in scales and have much denser spines (see 4th image). are they just an artistic flourish that hundreds of fantasy artists have converged on?

dragon fin update: apparently i was tunnel-visioning on lizards. turns out fish can have pretty rad fins

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fish are cool, cuz like. they're totally different from any of the land boys. anything amphibians onward has 4 legs or leg-derived things (wings), and bugs are cool but you kinda get the gist of em after the first hundred thousand

but fish! fish can diverge wildly from your standard animal cookie cutter. want 18 fins? have we got a fish for you. want a little glow in your life? got fish for daaaays. were you lookin for a little something completely divergent from most animalia entirely? got you covered fam

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@chr More sci-fi artists etc need to look underwater for inspiration for alien life tbh

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