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I’m sorry to drag what started out as a mostly ironic twitter disc horse on here, but I’m unironically a bedtime abolitionist. The current diurnal norm is incredibly ableist to people who have circadian rhythm disorders (like me). I shouldn’t be forced to be awake in the middle of my circadian night, I shouldn’t be forced to suffer chronic sleep deprivation. All people should be able to follow their natural sleep rhythms. I want a world in which alarm clocks are obsolete.

@enby_of_the_apocalypse I never realized how weird my sleep was until I got a morning-person desk job and after a year or so could barely function at any time of day whatsoever

It's absolutely a form of violence to make non-morning-people have to adhere to that schedule

@witchfynder_finder it is. Chronic sleep deprivation is so incredibly unhealthy, forcing us into a morning person sleep rhythm is violence.

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