Okay okay okay okay I've got a good one for y'all this evening

Everyone jokes about the Empire in Star Wars not having guardrails or anything but given that the US needs to have OSHA just to mandate that long ladders have cages in case you slip I think it's perfectly reasonable to assume that a giant space-fascist Empire wouldn't give a single fuck about worker safety

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"Sir, TK-792 fell down the reactor shaft"

"So send in a replacement, we have a schedule to keep!"

This one brought to you by watching some footage of The Ascent, a game which looks pretty fun but is set in a dystopian cyberpunk future hellscape where all pertinent OSHA regulations are still being followed

Guardrails would be the FIRST thing to do

@witchfynder_finder we want lots of detailed textures but we don't want to do any mapping

@witchfynder_finder there's still some substantial OSHA violations with the debri (borderline rubble) and hazy unventalated air everywhere

@witchfynder_finder being scared of falling to your death makes you look weak. Climbing ladders without cages makes you look strong, and looking strong is the most important thing

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