Saw something that said chili is a kind of curry you eat without rice and now I'm haunted

@witchfynder_finder It's a good meal! I used to do it all the time when I was a vegetarian because it's pretty much an extreme version of rice and beans.

@djsundog @witchfynder_finder i mean REAL mac & cheese, with a white roux and mustard powder, maybe a hint of paprika

you could drop some turmeric in that baby no problem

@Leaf @djsundog @witchfynder_finder I for one am alarmed at the lack of curry leaves in mac and cheese

@Leaf @witchfynder_finder REAL mac & cheese comes from a box and a pouch of sketchy cheese-by-legal-definition powder. what you're referring to is baked macaroni and cheeses, which should never use commercialisms like mac or an ampersand. it's unseemly.

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