@monorail Phonologically speaking it's only 3, which isn't that many at all =P

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@witchfynder_finder isn't 3 still a lot for a lot of languages, and English just happens to be okay with it

@monorail 3 is, like, Kind Of A Lot, but from what I recall it's not terribly unique or anything

It's like the bottom tier in terms of Remarkable Consonant Cluster Length

@witchfynder_finder @monorail i think it depends in a couple senses

first, in a lot of languages the schwa /Ι™/ sound isn't necessarily phonemic, so you might have words like thgdvbrd which are PRONOUNCED by adding additional schwa vowels in there but it's a point of contention whether that actually, like, counts

secondly, i think one of the weird things about english is that it sticks all of its consonants at the ends of words; three isn't necessarily that weird at the beginning but many languages don't like a lot at the end

thirdly, strengths is actually four: a /k/ is inserted between the NG and the TH. if that isn't satisfying to you: β€œsixths”

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