The whole meme around "isekai" as a concept is honestly fascinating because it highlights both the highly illusory nature of genre distinctions while ALSO illustrating precisely why they're useful

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Calling A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court an isekai is TECHNICALLY correct, but it is fundamentally meaningless

Anyway Kingdom Hearts is the MOST isekai because in any given game Sora goes to like 10+ different worlds

The divide between what is ACTUALLY isekai and what isn't is also very interesting because it brushes against the question "What defines anime vs cartoons?"

@BestGirlGrace NARNIA IS AN ISEKAI i shout in a crowded room

"Yeah, no shit" everyone mumbles before turning back to what they were doing

@saphire @BestGirlGrace Transatlantic voyages are isekai because you're going from the Old World to the New World or vice-versa

@witchfynder_finder I really love the "isekai" genre as a shorthand for "yep it's a specific type of fantasy story with specific constraints, now tell me what your gimmick is"

@proto Yeah exactly, like, THAT'S what "isekai" really means, it doesn't just mean "they go somewhere else" and all the memes everyone comes up with really only further reinforce how specific the term "isekai" actually is, despite how broad it seems

@witchfynder_finder I honestly didn't understand the meme at first because someone was like "Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced is an isekai" like it was a shocking revelation so I looked up the word and was like "... yeah?"

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