I want to point out that this isn't, like, My Take on these characters, this is Text

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@stitchandsew The original intent behind Link's design was that he would be androgynous and that no matter how players viewed him, they would be correct. Some people might see Link as a man with some feminine qualities, others might see Link as a woman who is a little masculine, and they'd all be right.

@jellyfish_link @stitchandsew Fantastic, thanks kibi~

I knew there were sources out there for it, I just didn't know where to find em

@witchfynder_finder @stitchandsew i would characterize the Official Nintendo Stance as being “link is definitely a voe, but a gender-neutral voe”

@witchfynder_finder @stitchandsew as opposed to gorons, who are gender‐neutral vai who use masculine pronouns

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