"Relationship anarchists" imply the existence of "relationship tankies," in this essay I will

@witchfynder_finder An Addendum: Evaluation of Internal Struggles of Relationship Tankies: A critique of Relationship Stalinism versus Relationship Trotskyism

@a_breakin_glass When one person is sex-starved and the other isn't ever in the mood and doessn't see a problem that's relationship holomodor

@ItsJenNotGabby @witchfynder_finder opposite I think if you look at the origins, as the original tankies were very about "please come and roll over me, daddy stalin uwu"

@witchfynder_finder decrying my monogamous partner as a stalinist for their "sex in one relationship" policy

@witchfynder_finder *walks up to a trans WLW couple*
"So which one of you is the relationship anarchist and which one of you is the relationship tankie?"

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