@witchfynder_finder *sweating bullets* hahah no i swear im an antifa supersoldier, my vial of supersoldier juice just got lost in the mail!

@witchfynder_finder Could be worse: I don't know *why*, but I got an "official Trump 2020" card in the mail. I'm leveraging it for undercover ops.

@witchfynder_finder I'll bust out my polo shirt and cargo shorts and be ready to recon the golf course.

tromp propaganda 

tromp propaganda 

@witchfynder_finder for some reason this makes me think of that Calvin & Hobbes "card carrying certified genius" strip except it's "certified antifa"

@witchfynder_finder @RussellsBarbershopQuartet This reminds me of how I finally got in touch with my IWW local:

Me: "Fellow Worker, are you with the local?"

FW: "Yes"

Me: *whips out IWW member card* "I'd like to be"

@witchfynder_finder no seriously, I'm an antifa supervisor. I'm from a different town, you wouldn't have heard of me

@witchfynder_finder Gonna print out "antifa cards" that are designed in MS paint, with comic sans that just say "do I look like a fucking cop?" on them.

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