Enby Names are wild because, like, people are already named after random-ass nouns so why should Violet be a name but not Bread? Why is Joy kosher but not Salmon?

enbies literally be out here just committing to a bit that society has already started harder than anyone else

@witchfynder_finder You're the fourth person I've seen to independently make a joke about nonbinary people named Sock(s), it's amazing

@socks GODDDDDD I FORGOT that there were actually people roaming around here named Socks!!! =P

@witchfynder_finder it's pretty wild when you're non-native speaker and find out that Basil is a name

@witchfynder_finder @chr *narrator voice* "But it was too late. Their legal name had already been changed to Verbert P. Wangenbottom."

low-hanging fruit 

low-hanging fruit 

@error_1202 @chr This is the crossover where enbies start naming themselves after weird verbs

@witchfynder_finder i was just telling trent i wish i had found a not-a-name-name for myself that felt as comfortable as felix bc it feels like such a nonbinary right of passage, but i did make my middle name sunflower, so,

@shade I mean at least you HAVE a different name, I'm over here with my birth name still =P

@witchfynder_finder LOL well like others i saw talking to u idk your birth name so i only think of u as witch, or goblin, which are very fine names

@shade See, I wish I had a more standard/recognizable name than I do, so I think that's a pretty enby experience too. @witchfynder_finder

@witchfynder_finder i don’t wanna say this is white people’s fault without evidence but my gut is telling me it’s white people’s fault

@witchfynder_finder like some names are cool but others are not and it’s based on some tradition of other people having being named that first?? idk sounds sketch man

@jellyfish_link Yeah that's what I'm getting at, I think, is, like, Violet or Autumn were probably also weird names at one point but now they're fine. Enbies are just out here pushing the boundaries for future generations.

@witchfynder_finder but like also this is also a very european thing. like in many non‐european cultures people can just have literally whatever word as a name and nobody thinks anything of it because that’s how names are. other cultures will just have names be random syllables that you literally just made up with no reference to anything. having names be references to some set of previous names is very culturally contingent and very tied in with european heritage i feel.

@jellyfish_link You might be right! I don't know a lot about names in other cultures so I can really only speak to my white anglo-american experience but the way we treat names does feel weird sometimes

@jellyfish_link @witchfynder_finder I've heard of some European countries that don't allow you to change your name to anything that can't be proven to have been used as a name for your gender at some time in the past (I don't know if this is also the case for parents naming their kids or just for changing names but either way is pretty ridiculous)

@wolfie @witchfynder_finder from very cursory research i can say that in Germany « The name must indicate the gender of the child and not negatively affect the well being of the child. Last names or the names of objects and products are not acceptable. For example, "Matti" was rejected for a boy's name because it did not indicate gender » (Wikipedia, <>)

@wolfie @witchfynder_finder (joke) so you could probably not be named goblin in germany because goblins don’t have genders

@witchfynder_finder honestly choosing to be a color as a name as well as an aesthetic has made me feel 500% happiness

NB names are good, actually

@setavulos Oh damn I didn't notice the name change! Is "seta" still a good name to call you?

@witchfynder_finder i end up resorting to having a "common use" name that's a standard acceptable one and a "real" name that actually feels like me but wouldnt hold up in day to day professional use u_u

@witchfynder_finder absolutely transfixed by the conversation that could go a lot like
"hi, I'm sam! :)"
"Oh, short for samuel? :)"
"no, it's short for salmon :)"

@benhamill @wgahnagl If it was a spoken conversation you wouldn't really be able to hear a difference between Salm and Sam

@benhamill @witchfynder_finder

you can pick which one to surprise them with first.
"all right, sam! I'll just write you down as ...."
"Oh, that's not how you spell it"
"that's not how you spell it"

@witchfynder_finder @wgahnagl @benhamill What away to find out so many people in a row dont' say 'salmon' right if it sounds exactly like Sam

@popstar @witchfynder_finder @wgahnagl Oh no. Star just did a prescriptivism at two people with linguistics degrees… 😬

@witchfynder_finder look after those celebrity babies named Apple and Pilot all bets are off

@glitterwitch The difference is it's cool when enbies do it because they are purposely choosing to be named Apple =P

@witchfynder_finder when I was deciding my name someone told me my last name sounded made up and I was like "HELL YEAH"

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