Someone asked Angela Davis why she specified that the 8 richest people in the world are men and 7 of them are white when they felt that the actual issue is that there are 8 people who own like half of the world's wealth.

She replied with one of the greatest explanations of intersectionality theory I've ever heard. I can't transcribe the whole thing in this toot, it was like over 5 minutes long, but the thrust was "Where do you see capitalism without racism?

It's not enough to just dismantle capitalism, it's not enough to just smash the state, unless the work is actively being done to right the social ills that are upholding these things. If we replaced capitalism with Full Communism tomorrow, we would have Racist Communism.

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Y'all I'm serious I've spent (1) day listening to Theory and I honestly feel like listening to these ideas that I largely already understood be explained to me by someone else who definitely know more than me about them has really helped me understand them in new ways

Engage with theory

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@witchfynder_finder god I've gone off about this before and it genuinely makes me mad. like they create this strawman that the reason they refuse to educate themselves is 'theory is all dead old white men', way to show your ass on the fact you don't even know what indigenous, PoC, radical black lead anti prison literature like Angel Davies, anti colonial theory like Fanon ect ect exists. and they'd know these things exist if they stopped revealing in anti intellectual excuses

@witchfynder_finder you know the black panther party had MANDATORY 2 hour reading a day? and you know why? because political education is KEY to liberation of the working class, they knew that and had that as a core to the movement alongside all the social programs. a lot of anti intellectual leftists want to look past that and just say "ok, sorry sweetie but we need some direct action here", as if praxis has a meaning besides the application of learned and understood theory

@CornishRepublicanArmy I did not know that about the BPP, but it makes a lot of sense!

God every new thing I learn about them, I realize just how right they got it.

No wonder they were systematically hunted by the US government...

@witchfynder_finder so true, they honestly were probably the peak of any leftist organisation in the western world. I've read a lot of stuff on them, though nowhere near enough. what's awesome is a lot of the panthers who were involved in these actions are still around, like many have been locked away and murdered by the state for sure, but you can also just go listen to some old guy talk about the BPP and the cool shit they did back in the day

their rules are pretty strict, but that discipline is *why* they were able to get shit *done* and it clearly fucking worked.

CW here for anarchists, I'm sorry guys but you're not gonna like this one

@CornishRepublicanArmy CW: Revolutionary Politics is not something you'd expect to see around here, but god is it necessary =P

@witchfynder_finder look the idea of rules and a party line to some around here is fascism :p




@CornishRepublicanArmy @witchfynder_finder To be fair, the anarchists that don't want to organize or have some procedures are... usually children. Most of us are cool with rules, as long as anyone can choose what rules they want to live with. The way you convince folks that your rules are good and just and that they should live with them too is getting getting shit done.

@CornishRepublicanArmy @witchfynder_finder Any good anarchist should know anarchy doesn't mean "no rules" but "no rulers", and these seem like pretty dang reasonable rules

@witchfynder_finder i spent my entire college career engaging in theory and while i do believe there is such a thing as Too Far, and most theorists actually are well off the end of Too Far actually, people on the ground should *take advantage of that* and learn what they can from those people so that they too, do not have to go off the end of getting Too Deep Into Theory

@witchfynder_finder like maths is bullshit but when a mathematician comes up with a proof you don’t just like, not believe in the proof, you listen

@jellyfish_link Yeah, like. People have already done a lot of the thinking involved in questions like "What would a society without prisons look like?" so you don't have to do the legwork of figuring out your own answers. Just read what they said!

@witchfynder_finder "I mean, you have to believe that in order to truly be an activist–and I mean, I’m very, you know the reason why I’m saying, I want to emphasize this, is because I come across people who imagine themselves as activists who are the most cynical people. And what I mean by cynical, is that this idea that nothing has changed and we can’t change anything. But then they imagine themselves as change agents.

And so I’m trying to figure out how that happens, right. And they want to be in those spaces, but they want to be in those spaces and constantly critique every sort of strategy, every sort of social movement, every sort of activist."

holy fuck, this is such a good point by kendi

@velexiraptor THAT MOMENT!!! I love that moment so much because he's so so SO right

Doesn't he go on like 2 seconds after this quote to point out that activism should be a space for joy as well?


That was a beautiful and eye opening podcast for me!

Do you have any others in a similar vein?

@Alonealastalovedalongthe There are a few full speeches of Prof Davis' up on Spotify, those would be a great place to start!

@witchfynder_finder "The real issue is..." is such a piss poor deflection tactic. There can be two problems. A customer once saw my little animals-and-veggies necklace when I was working in a bakery and asked if I was vegan. I said yes and he started literally lecturing me about how the real thing I should care about was the water crisis in India. How dare I.

@rmsugarcandy I mean, in this person's defense, I don't believe they were trying to deflect Prof Davis from her original point, they were just asking WHY it was important that the 8 richest people were men. To which they received a very good answer.

But, yes, that gets used in bad faith a LOT

@witchfynder_finder Sure. I mean the same thing came at me when I shared something showing a group of Black, female graduates of (I want to say) West Point or a similar school. It was a big group and I felt it was worth showing. Comments were along the line of I don't care about diversity within the military-industrial complex rarrrgh and I said well my dude I do, because we can't quite get rid of it yet and I trust these women's decisions more.

@rmsugarcandy @witchfynder_finder Like we weren't NOT on the same page but would we rather all white men make up this thing we want to change? I dunno. That just seems like one more issue to me.

@witchfynder_finder Until there are no second class citizens in any nation, then the fight must continue

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