Don't forget about the greatest album cover of all time: Doin Thangs by Big Bear

This is a real album which exists and is honestly just mediocre late-90s hip-hop, but this cover is just perfection

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@prehensile When I first saw this I refused to believe it was a real album

I was honestly disappointed when I finally found it and it wasn't as memorable as the cover =P

@witchfynder_finder he's got my respect tho. all that bling and still humbled with a plate of charcuterie and fruits. the vibe is just iconic. i bet the entire album is about how good date night on friday is going to be

@purple The album is honestly just, like. Mid-tier 90s hip-hop bragging about whatever. It's entirely vacuous and doesn't live up to the cover at all.

@witchfynder_finder very disappointing. very few rappers could pull that off. very, very few.

@purple Right? You'd expect THIS to either be a masterpiece or a travesty and it simply Is

For reference, here's the title track:

@purple Like his flow is actually pretty nice and the beats are nice, but the actual lyricism just doesn't exist

@witchfynder_finder full transparency: the chances of me paying attention to the lyrics are nil right now but i can safely say this beat is pretty generic and yeah. i would expect to hear this in a biker bar while it is still daylight.

@purple I just tried paying attention to them and I couldn't tell you what any of them were aside from the hook

@witchfynder_finder thank you for investing your time in a thorough description of this masterpiece of a cover

@witchfynder_finder also the thought has occurred to me that Big Bear owes us a follow up titled "Internet of Thangs." If he just wanted to make the cover art that would be OK

@valrus I honestly felt that I had no other option. I am glad it brought you some joy.

@witchfynder_finder all of these covers were by a duo called 'pen & pixel' there's a great documentary about them online somewhere I'll try and find it

@witchfynder_finder I think I have to disagree a bit, the songs aren't much but I'm listening to it now and Big Bear is an above average rapper. I've definitely had to sit through worse

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