Thinking about masculinity in the PJacks Lord of the Rings films again

Thinking about how all the men* (and, in the case of Gandalf, men-adjacent beings) that we care about in these films are intimately connected to their own emotions and display them freely

Thinking about how they talk about their fears with one another

Thinking about how much they care for each other so deeply and so honestly that our society, which punishes anything remotely approaching emotional honesty in men, had no recourse but to read several of them as gay

You want to see examples of masculinity removed of the toxic aspects?

Watch The Lord of the Rings.

*"Men," in this case referring to male characters regardless of "race" and not "humans" as the word is used in-universe.

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Like, Frodo and Sam have a very very strong bond of friendship and people can't see that as anything but a gay relationship which largely speaks to how our society views male friendship

You can go ahead and write all the fanfic you want, I'm not here to stop you, but I think it is vitally important that we recognize the relationship that is portrayed on-screen as loving and intimate and entirely non-romantic and non-sexual

Men desperately need to see these friendships between straight men

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Obviously there's still a lot to be said on the portrayal and treatment of women* in these movies that stem almost entirely from the source material and how even the strongest and best-written female character still largely lacks agency and ends up paired with one of the dudes For Some Reason but, like

Things can be multiple things

*Same disclaimer as before where "women" just means "female characters"

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@witchfynder_finder thank you for forming these ideas into words i could never put it so well. hell yeah. good thinkin happening rn

@witchfynder_finder oh yeah to clarify my point if you added women to the lord of the rings the men would not really have to do much of anything differently

but my further point is that if you added women to the lord of the rings and the men didn't do anything differently, they would cease to be men

@witchfynder_finder (and the women would cease to be women and we would have our feminist utopia here in hobbiton)

@witchfynder_finder real friendships, ones not based on maintaining some kind of fucked up dominance thing.

@witchfynder_finder I've been wanting to write something to this effect for awhile now. Thanks for putting the words together good. <3

I am lucky to have several of these friendships and they are the greatest thing in the world

My dudes: If you're a straight man and you've never had a straight man friend you can cuddle platonically with, then you know the true meaning of neither friendship nor manliness

@witchfynder_finder I used to see Sam & Frodo as gay. Then I met these really cool straight guys who have a really strong romantic, asexual relationship with each other, and I'm totally with you on this now.

It does sort of feel like men are reclaiming those kinds of relationships, after a 100 year hiatus. Cause I believe Tolkien & C S Lewis had that kind of thing? Not sure, might also have been gay.

Ableism discussion, not very enlightened 

Ableism discussion, not very enlightened 

@witchfynder_finder Yes! Thank you! My theory is that the LotR was written when intimate male friendship was still viewed as normal, as evidenced by this great article:

@witchfynder_finder Absolutely! Haven't wanted to comment, because straight female, probably have nothing useful to say - but I have thought for some time that current culture is over-ready to require a sexual component in relationships. I'm pleased to discover I'm not the only one to think so!

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