Programming languages are just sports teams for nerds

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@witchfynder_finder I hate everything about this, but I cannot refute it.

Alternatively: Sports teams are sports teams for nerds.

@tom @benhamill One time I had baseball stats explained to me and I realized how fucking dumb I actually am

@tom @witchfynder_finder Until I lived with a specific friend in college who is both a massive regular nerd and a massive sports nerd, I didn't realize how nerdy sports stuff was. He is one who definitely realizes the parallels and laughs at other sports nerds who don't understand that they're nerds.

@benhamill @tom @witchfynder_finder i'm this nerd! i mean probably not this exact nerd, but i'm a huge regular nerd and a huge sports nerd and it really is incredibly similar

my dad really paved the way for my understanding of this by playing fantasy football with his D&D group

@witchfynder_finder @benhamill @tom i dunno if any of you are familiar with football manager (the soccer videogame) but it's the nerdiest shit i've ever seen in my life

i love everything about it

@witchfynder_finder @ebeth @tom I bet you're not this same person, yeah. I don't think your pronouns line up. But also, this is a person who plays Bloodbowl in a league and also fantasy football.

@benhamill @witchfynder_finder @tom god i miss my blood bowl league, i tried to start one here after i moved away but it fizzled out :(

my SO and i want to split off from our current fantasy football league and make a league next year (if football happens next year) as a legacy league with FAAB and IDP because. nerds.

@ebeth @witchfynder_finder @tom My friend's BB league is trying to figure out if they can do remote games or what. I haven't asked him about it since we all went into shelter-in-place.

@benhamill i think my old league from way back has gone online but idk if it would be weird to try to jump back in since it's really a local group

there is a huge reddit league that i keep meaning to join, i have a couple friends who do it and it sounds really fun. was worried about the time commitment but that's not really an issue any i'll actually do it now

@benhamill the videogame version is very well done so most people use that for online play

highly recommend getting it if you're at all interested tbh, it often goes on sale and is a cheaper way to check out the game than actually investing in minis right away

@benhamill @tom As a nerd who also likes sports, it's wild to see sports people scoff at video game kids or anime kids or whatever, like

It's the same

@witchfynder_finder I can't wait to see the Python vs. Rust matchup in the triplesemiquarterfinals!

@Tak Now I'm trying to figure out what triplesemiquarterfinals would look like on a standard bracket...

@witchfynder_finder Videogames are sports teams to nerds. Programming languages are religions for nerds.

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